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Cardinals appear when Angels are near 👼

Cardinals are often
a sign that a
loved one is around
So, if you have been
visited by one, know
it is your loved one
reaching out to say
I love You

May you come to find comfort
in and remember— cardinals
appear when angels are near.
So go now, sit outside and
drink your tea.
Keep a lookout for the little
red bird – It is there, your
loved ones will be.

When you keep seeing a
certain type of bird,
it is usually a
messenger of
love for you.

No one is truly lost
when they remain
in the hearts and
minds of those who
love them.

Cardinals are a sign from angels👼

Cardinals appear when Angels are near 

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45 thoughts on “Cardinals appear when Angels are near 👼


    I truly believe this !!!

    • Colleen M King

      I also truly believe Cardinals are a sign of Angels

    • Meisha

      This was my Dad’s favorite bird. He always said that Peace & Safety is surrounding you when the Cardinals cross your path. I believe now since he passed in 2008 it’s him watching over me.

    • No such things as angels. There’s no that evidence cardinals have anything to do with dead people.

    • No such thing as angels.

  • I do believe that now after my mom passed away a cardinal appeared in my backyard. It come’s around quite often 😁It’s a nice feeling when I see that cardinal..

    • Florie L Fuller

      My mommy passed trys ago she was my best friend just this past Wednesday jan 15 2020 my mom came thru she was so strong I spoke n I sounded just like her my sister said on the phone I was silent my sister said dude r u gunna answer I asked the same ? 3xs I suddenly felt my mon presence I shouted while screening my backyard “where are you mom?” And there she was a red cardinal chirp chirp perched in a leafless tree for me my daughter and my friend megan to see. I took a picture sent it to my sister and my sister wrote on the pic hi mom with a heart around the bird. It was so exhilarating and refreshing I felt so happy she was allowed to show that I can feel hear and. See spirits/ Angels. Ty for reading my reply

      • Heneretta

        I get them every day in my backyard. It sit on the tree branch just cherping. I never knew this. So i see why i get cold chill feeling on my body cuz its either my mom dad or sister visiting me.. Thank you God for the confirmation..

      • Maria Alvarez

        A cardinal has been purched on a tree on my front porch. For the last three nights. He leaves in the day and returns at night. Always in the same spot. 7 ft away from my front door. Doesn’t seem to mind my presence, or people coming in or out the door. He was not there last night. Hopefully, he will return thus evening. What a beautiful bird! I love God’s creatures.❤

      • Connie Francis

        This morning when I opened my front door a red cardinal was on the ground and flew into the tree 🌳 near my porch! 😀Mom mom Anna and Ms. Mona r. N. Gods glory! Hallelujah! ❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

      • Maria Quick

        I see one almost everyday and I really love my mom’s and my brothers

      • Araynia

        I’m at a children’s party and started crying reading what you wrote. Thank you for sharing. God bless you and your heart and the blessed spirit your mom has. Please accept my condolences on your recent loss . Stay wonderful…

      • My little brother favorite color was red and one day we was sitting on the porch he asked me do I believe in reincarnation I said to a certain extent…he said to me sis when I die he’s always coming visit me as a red bird…he died in a car accident the next month. No matter where I am at the time a red bird comes, sit on the porch with me or on the fence near me and start talking to it as if it’s him. After reading this article it could be any of my family that has passed on…Now I am really going to continue to talk to the bird when it arrives. Be blessed everyone.

      • God bless!! So glad she came to check on you.

      • Pamela Nelsen

        I did not see a bird, but I was standing in the kitchen after my mom passed and OMG I felt her, it was real, it lasted about 5 minutes, when she was gone I felt like I had just been given a gift. I cried with Joy and Gratitude.

    • Shawn Marks

      I can believe this. I get one around me know matter if I’m home outside or at work.

    • MsSharon D ForemanLove

      My mom pasted March 6 2014 after her burial; I was laying there looking out of my window; a Red Cardinal came to the window and just set there. My window is just in a weird little spot. I truly believe right off it was a sign from my mom; not because of the RedCardinal but because my mom loved the color Red, and there it appeared. I immediately smile and knew it was her.. I said ok mom I know it’s you… and one day I was talk to my sis and something we were talking about she came through and out. My sis quickly screaming girl you sound just like momma, she said I swear I thought that was her. I ask God all the time to send me a sign that my mom and sister is close by.. my sister pasted May 6 2006 I MISS THEM SO MUCH. My mom and I didn’t have a close nit relationship but I was ALWAYS THERE WHEN IT WAS NEEDED AND IT COUNTED. Dementia is Horrible 💔My sister was 44 and just sweet to absolutely #EVERYONE “Breast Cancer Sucks..💕

    • Never knew the theory behind seeing Cardinals but my mom has passed this year and this dark red cardinal appears each day.

  • Ms. Fuller im sorry for your loat.. I lost my mother oct of 2019.. I truely hope you find peace

  • Wallace Montgomery

    Praise GOD….. # LLN #LLS #LLC #LLD

  • So that means it was my daddy I was outside smoking weed n I seen a bunch of the same birds outside it crept my out Cse when I got out the car they were still
    their now I know it’s daddy 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Kandeshia Rideout

    I really believe it every since 2014 it’s been this cardinal come around and find the nearest object to perch on. Now that I’ve moved from that location now in 2019/2020 I have 2 red cardinals that sits close whenever I’m outside or just so happen to look outside. Being I lost my dad at age 3 and my father’s father in 2018 those are my guardian angels 👼

  • Shawn

    Yes for 23 years, my son has sent this message to me, with all my heart I believe….


  • Irene Michalski

    I have lost 2 sons and a husband. I would like to believe that. I have lots of cardinals. Blue Jay’s. Golden finch. But how did this saying ever come to be?? And what’s the truth in it??

  • loneredbird

    My Mom loved the Cardinal,I also get a daily visit from a handsome red fellow perching on the windowsill looking in on me. It is comforting.

  • Shannon Alderman

    My mother in law passed away on Christmas morning 2018. There were about 5 Cardinal’s outside her room at the hospice center. After leaving the center and going back to my in laws house my husband and I were greeted by a Cardinal. I know that it was my beautiful mother in law letting us know that she was ok.

  • Jennifer

    I didn’t know this about cardinals until just now But we have had a cardinal trying so hard to get in my house and if I’m in my vehicle it will land on my passenger side window. Just like it just now did. I just wonder who it is.

  • Cindy Mae Jones

    I truly believe this, I see Cardinals all the time! I love it, it takes my breath with excitement. I was riding with a colleague and we saw 9 cardinals in less than 10 minutes. Some would be in the road when we went around the curve. like it was waiting on us to turn the curve before it flew away and the next curve would be two cardinals in the road… waiting.. and fly away at the last second. My friend said… “I have never seen so many cardinals.” I stayed quite but thought…they must be here for me. 🙂

  • Its so true… One came at my place few months after my dad left us… Could feel his presence… ❤

  • No such thing as angels.

  • Elvina MacMillen

    Since my Dad passed, my Sister has a Cardinal that always comes to her porch window, peeks in and flies away. She always felt that was our Dad checking in on her. Dad was very protective of his children.

  • Dianne

    2 days after my girlfriend died, I was headed to an appt. in the direction of her old house. As I was driving down the road, a cardinal flew in front of my car. I’m sure it was a sign from her.

  • Amy Crews

    I truly believe this bc just this past summer me, my hubby & grandkids and daughter was camping and a cardinal kept coming near us and I told my step grandkids that it was their mawmaw Rosie who had passed away a few years ago!!! So after I told them that it was mawmaw Rosie, every time they seen any bird, they would come up to me and say MeeMee, there is my mawmaw Rosie!! It always feels good to know someone is coming to visit you from Heaven!!!

  • Monique

    2 Red Cardinals was Behind my house and me and my sister seen them and thought it was so cool and a beauty but my brother had just passed away in dec of 2019 and my father is deceased so now seeing that I think it could’ve been them 2 visiting me and I’ve had my brother on my mind so much since his passing I’m still trying to accept it 🥺

  • Tommy Wallis

    I never did believe in this belief or any other folklore until my dad passed away in February of 2018. Every morning beginning the morning after he passed there was a little redbird Locked in one of our chickens pens every morning when we would go to let the chickens out for the day. This continued to occur for seven consecutive days. What was even more convincing For me that it is true is the fact that once the door was opened and the little guy would fly out of the pen he would stay around the house for the remainder of each and every day for those seven days. We never could figure out how or where he was getting in the pen and unable to get out until we let him out. The same little bird still visits us about twice a week and lands on the handrails of our porch as he’s there to say hello and then gone again. Either way I am now a very firm believer there is truth behind this belief! Thanks for letting me share my story.

  • My dad died 13 1/2 years ago. Mom always believed cardinals are our loved ones checking on us. She would keep her back door and screen open on good days. There was a cardinal there that would fly in the house and sit on the back of the sofa or chair for about 5-10 minutes, then leave. She always said that was my dad checking up on her to be sure she was ok. She just passed away a week ago, so now I will be watching for two cardinals to come around.

  • Carolyn D. Berry

    My husband passed away Oct.. 29, 2019 and a I was looking out our back sliding glass door onto our screen in porch and saw a red cardinal sitting on the big brushes we have out there and I have never seen a red cardinal here before. It was so amazing and I knew it was him. I am so glad this was written about red cardinals.

  • Kasey Tucker

    My fiance passed away December 17th 2019 and one appeared and also one is in my from yard now

  • I usually don’t believe it when people say things like this, but every since my very close Aunt passed away unexpectedly, I see cardinals outside my kitchen window & the cardinal will sit & stare at me for the longest time. I’ve always felt a strange feeling that my Aunt’s spirit was near when I see this cardinal. So I bought a bird feeder & food specifically for cardinals & just purchased a bird bath. I now have 3 cardinals that sit outside my window, but still only the one sits & stares at me.

  • I truely belive this I know when one of my family members are near me

  • Retta Miller

    Same story here. The cardinal first appeared on my window the week after my Mom died and he has been a regular visitor since. Just a little message from Heaven and when you are worried/concerned about something that Cardinal is oh so
    comforting. Am so grateful for the Cardinal and happy to see other stories like mine. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Neil LINDLEY

    Beautiful pics. Great thought. Sometimes we do see cardinals in our back yard. I will feed them. Thanks Robby.

  • Carolyn Marie Fraser


  • James Rick Thatcher

    I have seen one for several days, every day, I really don’t remember how long it has been.

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