Cher, 76, confirms she is dating a 36-year-old music producer

iconic music At the weekend, Cher confirmed the speculations that she is dating 36-year-old music producer Alexander Edwards.

The “Believe” singer recently caused a fan frenzy by tweeting, “One part of my life is SO AMAZING,” just last week.

Soon after, she moved to clarify the situation by posting a picture of her new boyfriend along with a heart emoji on social media.

Love doesn’t know math, Cher said, adding that she had already introduced Edwards to the rest of her family. Her remark was likely directed at people who questioned the new couple’s wide age disparity (Cher is 76, while her boyfriend is less than half that at 36).

Cher claims that she and Edwards first connected at Paris Fashion Week in October. We won’t pretend to be mathematicians of the future, but their love is still very much in the honeymoon stage.

Nevertheless, many Cher fans expressed how happy it made them to see her in such a good mood.

In response to the more guarded Cher supporters who might have seen Edwards as a danger, Cher said: “As we All Know… I wasn’t born yesterday, and despite what I can be certain of, nothing is guaranteed. Every time you choose, you run the risk. I’ve always gambled… I am because of it.

In addition, the 76-year-old addressed the age difference directly, saying: “Love doesn’t know math, it sees [red heart emojis].” Some people “meet,” Rinpoche told me, while others “recognize.”

Cher has indeed experienced enough to make one believe that she is more than capable of recognising warning signs if any exist. The singer, actress, and television personality has been a true star since the 1960s. She first rose to fame with her husband Sonny Bono and then quickly rose to the very top of the music business.

Edwards has had some success in the music industry so far, despite not having a name or brand comparable to the legendary Cher’s. He is the vice president of A&R at the renowned record label, where his roster of artists includes Rihanna, Nas, Public Enemy, and Justin Bieber, and he is only 36 years old.

Edwards and model Amber Rose, his ex-girlfriend, have a child together. The pair previously divorced in 2021.

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