Children are Precious Gems

Anyone who has ever had children will be able to relate to the joy of having the arms of your children around you.Children are precious. In life, they are probably the most precious gems you will have.The joy of being a parent is one that cannot be adequately described. Even persons who never wanted to have kids in the first place eventually find themselves loving kids when they encounter them.Ever been around children? Either yours or another person’s? They can be cute and altogether troublesome simultaneously.Even though children can test your patience to no end, you cannot help but love them.Through the thick and thin, you find yourself been there for them.When our children show us, love, we are immediately reminded of why they are worth every sleepless night and worry. It is amazing how much their silence and rebuff can hurt us, no matter how young or old they are.The arms of precious gems.Parents are known to wax lyrical about their children. They do this, not because their children are perfect (even If they will like to believe so) but because the love they have for them is unexplainable. Children are treasures. So precious are they that their little arms around your neck in a warm hug is more significant than any diamond or ruby you can have adorning your neck. People have given a lot to have children because they understand the joy of being parents.They understand that children are not just precious but could also be the best thing to happen to you. Your life changes when you have children. You are pulled into another world entirely.Parenting can be done in a mirage of ways. People who determine to be good parents put a lot of effort into being good parents.Everything your child does like a little child can be a source of wonder to you. You see their personalities unfold before you like a flower opening up to the sun.You are privileged to see their growth, their changes, and their entire journey. You have memories and pictures of important days and events.You know they are rare gems.The beautiful topsy-turvy of being a parent.When your child is annoying you, you might probably go as far as thinking, “why did I ever think I wanted a child.” The temporal bits of frustration we feel with our kids does not take away the joy of having them around us.It is amazing how you suddenly become responsible for another human being the moment a child comes into the picture. They take over your life and become the center of your world. Even though your life literally experiences changes with a child, you are blessed with every moment of their existence.They bring joy, laughter, purpose into your life. You are rewarded with unconditional love and the joy of being parents.Their arms are the most expensive, most precious jewel you can wear around your neck.

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