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Not Everyone Will Like You and It’s Okay

We humans sometimes experience the desire to be liked by others. At one time or the other, we may have gone out of our way to please the people around us. We may have changed our looks, our lifestyle, our preferences, and choices because someone we like or love prefers the new options. Some of us will go through life being people pleasers. Some of us will learn a valuable lesson that not everyone will like us, and it is okay. To be liked or not.Even as children, there is always that one person who is popular among us. Whether at school or in the neighborhood. Everyone wants to be their friend. They usually have cliques, and everyone wishes to be part of the clique. On the other end of the spectrum is the unpopular kid who no one wants to be friends with. Society has made us feel that when people do not like us, we have something to lose. In reality, you do not. Human beings can be manipulative, and they can use other people’s emotions against them. When they know you crave their friendship, they can wield that as a power against you. Smart people have learned to avoid this kind of manipulation by understanding the simple fact that not everyone will like them. You are more than enough. Except you have a really toxic personality, you are more than enough. People with toxic personalities have to go work on themselves because they make it hard for others to be around them. People who wield their popularity as a weapon have toxic personalities. The basic requirements for human interaction include being polite, showing courtesy and respect, being kind and understanding. When you go the extra mile for people, it best is the people you care about and those who care about you. Going above and beyond just to please someone is unhealthy and a sign of low self-esteem.Poor taste. Everyone has their flaws, and it is okay to have some. When people say they do not like you, check yourself properly. Are you exhibiting toxic, self-destructive attributes? Do you drain people emotionally? Are you manipulative, are you a Debby downer or pessimistic? These traits can cause people to stay away from you, but if you are a great person to be around and some persons do not like you, fret not, not everyone has good taste.People can be like wine sometimes, the older your association, the better the taste. A good friendship is one that has spanned years. Like fine, aged wine, it gets better with age. When you meet people for the first time, try to be as much of you as possible. Do not pretend to be someone else just to get people to like you. The real you is who they should know and like or not. They like you, all well and good; they do not like you, that’s their loss. Do not let that be the defining factor for your life.

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