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Children don’t say i had hard day

Adults aren’t the only ones who have bad days. Kids have hard days too. Our kids can’t find the words to explain their feelings, but they can express to you that they need some one on one time. This is so important, even at an early age. If we fail to recognize that our children need some extra special one on one time, kids developed behavior problems. Often times our children will act out to get your attention. When they act out, it’s not always positive, but they’re doing it because they don’t have the vocabulary to be expressive with their words. Always make it a habit to spend quality time with your kids. When they are old enough to talk and hold a conversation with you, ask them how their day was. This reinforces that you care and love them. It develops a strong parental bond. Our children are our most cherished gift, always give them your time and concern, especially on their hardest days.

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