Chrissy Metz posts new pictures, following inspirational weight loss journey

Christy Metz has always been a record-breaker and recently she went through a great transformation. The barrier-breaking celebrity has to change herself into a great model for women struggling with body image and weight issues.

She said her journey has never been easy, and we all at certain points found her life story very inspirational.

Chrissy’s Metz childhood isn’t what we wish for, her mom had a hard time putting food on the table and Chrissy’s weight was another struggle on her part.


Her weight didn’t stop her from reaching for the stars as she’s the role model for women all over the globe. The 40-year Florida native talks so loudly about body weight and it seems like she became everyone’s favorite because of it.

Chrissy Metz was born in Homestead Florida, on the 29th of September, 1980. When she was just fours months old, she moved with her family to Japan where her father was a naval officer.


At the age of eight, Chrissy moved back to the U.S with her family. Sooner than later, her parents divorced and she never got to know who her father was. Her mom raided Chrissy, with her older sister and brother alone and it was sure tough being a single parent.

Chrissy mentioned that at the age of nine it was hard watching her mom go without food so that they could eat, and it was so devastating as she couldn’t do anything about that.

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Chrissy’s mother found love again, and this time around Chrissy had a complicated relationship with his stepdad just like her relationship with her biological father.

Their relationship never got better as Chrissy wrote in her memoir about how he always teased her about her weight. Anytime she eats, he always seemed offended by her weight, staring at her and joking about putting a lock in the kitchen.

Chrissy became interested in acting after graduating from high school and that’s how her career started.

She started her weight loss journey after she gained over 100 hundred pounds and she knew she had to work on herself.

Few months into her weight loss journey she lost over 100 pounds and with therapy with followed up after.

Chrissy got the role of Kate Pearson in This is for us and received two Golden Globes and several nominations.

Chrissy is a role model for many men and women all over the work and. Her charisma and good heart speak for her, we can’t wait for her next major break in Hollywood.

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