Christina Aguilera’s inspirational weight journey

Christina became a celebrity when she was a child. She was a singer and had a successful career. At the age of 39, Christina became a true music icon and a mother. However several of the challenges were battled by her.

By bringing some changes into her life, she looks more awesome than ever. At the age of 30, Christina got her first Grammy award after a lot of hard work. Christina didn’t listen to what others say and consider her. That is why she stayed in the field for so long and is a loving mother behind the scene.


She faced many challenges while losing weight but still did it. Christina Aguilera was born on 18 December 1980 in New York on Staten Island. Reportedly her father was very harsh on her mother. Later on, her mother decided to end the marriage. And she went to Pennsylvania with her two daughters Rachel and Christina.


Christina promised herself she will never let any man do the same what her father did to her mother. She once said “I made up my mind at a very young age that I had to do myself. I never wanted a man to tell me what I could and couldn’t do, what I could and couldn’t spend.

I always knew I had to be the queen of my castle” Christina wanted to be a part of the music industry at a very young age. She used to sing everywhere she went. Christina entered the TV show “Star Search” at the very young age of 9 only. She sang an outstanding cover of Etta James, a Sunday kind love and second completion.


She also got a part as a “Mouseketeer” on the all-new Micky Mouse Club. Christina moved to Japan after two years of the show for some albums. Her career started moving towards success with the music she recorded in Japan. Christina always to do things in new ways.

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