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Christmas this year will be different

Holidays might bedifferent this year, but westill have each other, lovein our hearts, smiles onour faces and so muchto thank God for. Amen

Christmas this year will be different for all of us. We won’t have large family gatherings, we won’t share our family meal and many of us will be alone.

We might need to dig a little deeper from within and realize what we do have. We still have each other, we still have love and we have hope.

We hold onto faith as we celebrate from afar. We have the ability to speak with those we love and we can pray! So if we let go and look from within, we are truly blessed to still be here and celebrate Christmas.

Live for what we have and trust in God to bring us together in 2021. Hold onto your hope and never lose your faith. We wish all families near and far a Merry Christmas.

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