Clint Eastwood laments the passing of his longtime mistress; the two had a 14-year, covert relationship

According to reports, Clint Eastwood is lamenting the unfortunate loss of Roxanne Turin, his longtime mistress, who passed away in late June.

On June 23, Tunis, who had dated Eastwood for almost 20 years, passed away at the age of 93.

According to Tunis’s daughter Kimber, 59, who she had with Eastwood, “my mom passed away after a brief illness,” she stated in a statement to RadarOnline on Monday, August 7.

Roxanne Tunis, Kimber Eastwood, and Kimber’s son, Clinton Gaddie pictured in 1997. Credit / Paul Harris / Getty.

Additionally, Kimber disclosed that her 93-year-old Oscar-winning father had sent his condolences to her and their grandchild and was extremely upset by the news. She added, “He is just as depressed as I am.”

According to a source close to Eastwood, Tunis was one of his great loves, and their relationship lasted “until the end.”

The ‘Unforgiven’ actor is reportedly distraught by the loss and for his daughter Kimber, as well as himself.

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When the Western actor was still wed to his first wife Maggie Johnson in 1964, he started dating Tunis. After 34 years of marriage, Johnson and I divorced in 1984. During that time, Kyle and Allison were born.

RadarOnline reports that Eastwood and Tunis were first acquainted in 1959 while producing the television programme “Rawhide,” and their relationship did run concurrent with Eastwood’s marriage to Johnson.

According to sources, Eastwood and Tunis dated for 14 years during which time she also appeared in his action comedy “Every Which Way But Loose” from 1978.

When Kimber’s birth certificate revealed Clint’s full name, Clinton Eastwood Jr., a scandal occurred in 1964.

Roxanne “worshipped the ground [Clint] walked on,” a source told RadarOnline, adding she wasn’t very concerned with his notoriety or fortune.

According to the Daily Mail, Tunis, who had a passion for dance and performing at an early age, went after her goals in Los Angeles when she was in her late 20s. Additionally, she had a keen interest in veganism, meditation, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Kimber mentioned the many varied pursuits of her mother, which included travelling, writing, painting, and drawing. Tunis was remembered as a loving family member, a loyal friend, and a devout Christian.

In addition to appearing in films like “Take Her,” “She’s Mine,” “Blue City,” “Breezy,” and “Hang ‘Em High,” which also starred Clint Eastwood, Tunis made several cinematic appearances throughout his acting career.

In this trying time, Clint Eastwood and the family and friends of Roxanne Tunis are in our thoughts and prayers.

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