CoCo Lee, the voice of “Mulan,” committed herself at the age of 48, according to her family

According to her sisters, who revealed the news of her death on Instagram on Wednesday, the Hong Kong singer had fought with depression for several years.

CoCo Lee died on Sunday after attempting suicide. She was 48 years old.

Carol and Nancy Lee, the singer-songwriter’s older sisters who were born in Hong Kong, conveyed the tragic news on social media on Wednesday, confirming that she died earlier that day. They stated in a Facebook and Instagram statement that CoCo had been suffering from depression for several years.

“CoCo had been suffering from depression for a few years, but her condition had deteriorated drastically over the last few months,” the sisters explained. “With great sadness, we are here to break the most devastating news: CoCo’s condition has deteriorated dramatically over the last few months.” Despite her greatest efforts to overcome her sadness and seek professional help, the demon within her ultimately triumphed.

“She attempted suicide at home on July 2nd and was admitted to the hospital,” they went on to say. Despite the hospital staff’s best efforts to resuscitate and treat her while she was in a coma, she died on July 5.

CoCo was a renowned Asian pop star who rose to prominence in the 1990s and early 2000s. She joined Sony Music Entertainment in 1996, and her debut album, CoCo Lee, was the best-selling record in Asia that year, according to Reuters.

She then became a Mandopop singer and released albums in both Cantonese and English. Her single “Do You Want My Love” topped the American charts, and she released her debut English album, Just No Other Way, in 1999.

Her inspirational song “A Love Before Time” from the legendary film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated for Best Original Song at the 2001 Academy Awards. She provided a live version of the song at the event that year.

Notably, the pop singer also sung the Mandarin version of Mulan’s theme song, “Reflection,” and provided the voice of Mulan, the female warrior, in Disney’s Mulan. She appeared in three films, including Lee Xin’s No Tobacco and Master of Everything.

CoCo was married to Bruce Rockowitz, a former Li & Fung CEO and Canadian businessman. Despite the fact that she had no biological children, she was the stepmother to her husband’s two daughters.

CoCo’s sisters announced on Instagram that her singing career will turn 30 in 2023.

“CoCo is also known to have worked tirelessly to open up a new world for Chinese singers in the international music scene, and she went all out to shine for the Chinese,” the statement stated.

“The CoCo family is grateful and proud to have such a wonderful and exceptional sister.” We thank God for providing us such a wonderful angel.”

Carol and Nancy expressed gratitude to the medical personnel who have been caring for their sister over the last few days and urged followers to be positive in the world in CoCo’s memory.

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