Courteney Cox – net worth & ‘Friends’ salary

Courteney Cox after appearing on Monica Geller on Friends became famous and also rich.

After appearing on the sitcom series, her career skyrocketed, and has also managed to build a wonderful family.


Courteney Cox was born in Birmingham, Alabama on June 15, 1964, and was the youngest of four children.

Courteney was also bullied in school because of her last name.

She told Howard Stern, “I hated my last name, but then when my dad passed away I thought, ‘I’m going to own this and keep this going,’ because there [was no one else] in the family to keep it alive.”


Her parents, Courteney and Richard Lewis Cox went their separate ways when Courteney was 10 years ago and went on to live with her mother.

As a child, Courteney never saw herself in the entertainment industry as she wanted to be an architect.

She got into acting when she was barely 21 and it didn’t take years for her to get her breakthrough in a music video.


She was cast by Brian De Palma in the video for “Dancing in the Dark.”

Courteney was so proud of her performance.

“That was not good dancing on my part,” she said. “I would only [recreates] that as a joke.”

Courteney also got to be on the film Misfits of Science that same year.

In 1995 she got her ever big role on the sitcom series “Friends.”


The series at the end was a huge success same as the actors that appeared on the show as they became superstars.

Courteney speaking about her role as Monica Geller said, “I love Monica, because not only is she a grown-up, and that’s good for people to see, but I can bring more of my personality to her, and I’ve never really been able to do that before,” Cox explained. “She can be goofy and angry and sarcastic and a little bit naughty. People think of her sort as the goody-goody and then prude on the show, but I think she has more sex than any of the others.”

It’s been over 17 years since the show aired, but the cast earns $20 million per year just for the reruns.

In 2019, Netflix had to pay $80-$100 million just to keep the show on its platform.

Even though the show was a huge success, Courteney had one thing she isn’t quite okay with. All the cast members of “Friends” earned an Emmy award while she had nothing to her name.

“Sure. Yeah, it always hurt my feelings,” Cox told Howard Stern. “When every single cast member was nominated but me, it hurt my feelings. I was happy for everybody, and then when it was finally like, ‘Oh, I’m the only one?’ It hurt.”

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

“I want them to win, I just also want to be part of I’ve never wanted to take anything away from anyone,” she added. “I just sometimes want to be included in certain things. And these girls on the show and the guys, everyone deserved every [nomination].”

Courteney is estimated to be worth over $150 million.

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