Criticism of Harry and Meghan for taking a photo at Buckingham Palace without first consulting the Queen

Two previews for the upcoming documentary series on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been made available on Netflix. After the series’ first trailer was released while William and Kate were visiting the US, The Sussexes have already drawn a lot of negative attention.

It’s enough to say that the trailers have caused controversy. Not only because of when they were released, but also because of the topic.

Many never-before or infrequently-seen photos were included in it by Harry and Meghan, but one in particular has caught the public’s attention.


The photo shows the pair at Buckingham Palace. The shot was taken without first getting the most important person’s consent, according to The Telegraph.

The first trailer for the new Netflix documentary series on Harry and Meghan debuted on December 1.

Additionally, Meghan is heard saying: “I was afraid, I did not want history to repeat itself” when Harry and Meghan are seen sitting in a car together. Some claim that is a clear allusion to Princess Diana.


The Royal Family can be seen in a picture taken at the 2019 Trooping the Colours in an early frame of the second teaser. There is a hierarchy in the family, according to Harry. Knowing that “no one knows the complete truth,” it should be added that there is leakage as well as story planting. We are fully aware of the truth.

Despite the varied reactions to both trailers, one particular image is now the focus of breaking royal protocol. Even though the Sussexes are no longer a part of the Royal Family and are therefore not subject to certain laws and rules, some things, like respect for the current monarch, are never out of the question.


The couple can be seen walking toward a door at Buckingham Palace while holding hands in one of the images from the first trailer for Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series. In March 2020, when the Queen was still alive, it was reportedly taken at the palace.

The Royal Collection Trust has established rules that state that it is “strictly forbidden” to take pictures or make movies inside the palace’s staterooms. Furthermore, His or Her Majesty’s consent is needed if anyone wants to take pictures or videos inside Buckingham Palace for profit.

However, The Telegraph claims that Harry and Meghan didn’t ask the Queen’s consent.

Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

The Sussexes allegedly shot the photo without the late Queen’s consent, according to The Telegraph. The palace received a written complaint about their choice to even bring a photographer.

The picture was a “genuine violation” of the Queen’s privacy, a source told the media. Nevertheless, it was acknowledged that Harry and Meghan were ignorant of the law. Furthermore, no request was made at the time for their photographer to leave the palace grounds.

Shutterstock/Liv Oeian

According to the Daily Mirror, some people have taken offence to the two’s social media images.

“Can you picture yelling about privacy violations while having the audacity to bring your own camera here of all places. Two sick persons, according to one person.

Another person commented, “It’s interesting how they always feel it’s okay to invade another person’s privacy and then complain about being harassed over the same thing.


“Aah! However, I seem to recall that they wanted to film inside their own homes. Hypocrites,” said a third.

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