During a Monday Night Football game, Damar Hamlin in critical condition after cardiac arrest

The Buffalo Bills’ 24-year-old safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field during the Cincinnati Bengals’ Monday Night Football matchup.

National television showed Hamlin attempting a tackle and suffering a severe blow. After the blow, Hamlin stands up, moves a short distance, and then falls.

Immediately after he hit the ground, trainers and first responders immediately tended to Hamlin as an ambulance was brought onto the field. For minutes, CPR was administered to Hamlin as his teammates and the world watched in disbelief.

Any football player, coach, or fan had never witnessed a sight like it.

After receiving oxygen, Hamlin was driven away in an ambulance. The teams decided to temporarily halt the game as soon as Hamlin was taken to the hospital.

There are currently no additional details available. Hamlin, his family, and the rest of the Buffalo Bills organisation are in our hearts and prayers.

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