Demi Moore stars as a runaway model, fans can’t stop talking about her dramatic transformation.

Demi Moore landed her first role in Hollywood in 1981 and ever since then she has been in the spotlight for over four decades. Her career never stopped booming and she is surrounded by lovely people as well.

In the last few years, Moore’s look has been causing a lot of controversies, people believe she did plastic surgery and everyone can’t get enough of her new looks as she walks down the runway for the first time.


Demi Moore was mad he’d film debut before her 20th birthday and she knew she wasn’t going to have a normal life like everyone else. She knew her place was on the screens and left school.

Moore has grown to be one of the greatest actresses in Hollywood.  Demi Moore’s recent pictures show a great transformation; this has left many fans talking as they all say she had plastic surgery.

Moore was born on November 11, 1962, in Mexico. Her parents already split before she was born and she ended up being raised by her mother and stepdad.

Moore told interview magazine that changing environment was a contributing factor to her success. Moore’s family already moved 30 times before she turned 14 years. Most times she has to adapt to whatever environment she finds herself and helped her learn a lot.

She learned not to become attached to people, she lived in the moment and moved on.

Moore worked as a debt collector for a while and pursued a career in acting. She dropped out of Fairfax high school in her junior year.


Moore got an acting gig in 1990; she was set to feature in ghost and that’s when she started acting for real.

She also featured in the series General Hospital, in 1981. She found other gigs too while working with them for two years after which she made her film debut in choices. She got married to her first husband Freddie Moore after.

In 1985 she landed her biggest role as she played alongside stars like Rob Lowe and Emilio Estevez in the movie St. Elmo’s fire.

The last two years have left more in the cold as she’s now the object of harsh treatment. Many people believe that she went through plastic surgery and even have to pay $3million for her new looks.

Moore keeps on Saying she never went under the knife not specifically on her face as they all speculated and it irritates her to the core.

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