Diana revealed that Harry’s father made an ugly “Spare” joke the day he was born because he genuinely wanted a daughter

The car tragedy that killed Princess Diana, leaving Harry and his brother, Prince William, without a mother, had a significant impact on Prince Harry’s childhood. In his book Spare, Harry spoke extensively about his adored mother and accused his father, King Charles, of failing in his obligations in terms of soothing his two young boys.

As we all know, Princess Diana and then-Prince Charles divorced after a terrible feud. The late princess was open about how things went downhill when Harry was born, and how her and Charles’ marriage “went down the drain.”

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Many details of Harry’s background were exposed in his autobiography. One of the most alarming allegations involves Charles’ alleged behaviour on the day his youngest son was born.

Spare, Prince Harry’s autobiography, was published in January. The Duke didn’t hold back in his memoir, slamming everyone from his father to his brother and detailing many painful issues from his childhood.

The royals have not responded to any of Harry’s accusations in Spare, and they are unlikely to do so in the future. But it’s safe to say that Harry’s claims exacerbated the schism between him and the Firm.

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In his book, Harry stated that the couple lied to the press in order to have some privacy when their child was born. At the same time, one can imagine that having a royal baby comes with a lot of pressure because it’s directly related to “securing” the monarchy’s future.

The same incident happened to then-Prince Charles and Princess Diana decades ago. The monarchy has been modernised somewhat since then, but at the time, a baby was expected to arrive soon after the wedding.

When the moment came for Princess Diana to give birth to her first son, Prince William, she felt great pressure. Author Andrew Morton said in Diana: Her True Story that Diana thought the strain was “unbearable” and even sought to provoke a fight.

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When William was welcomed into the world, there was a lot of excitement. However, when Harry arrived a few years later, Charles did not appear to be as happy.

Diana revealed in Diana: Her True Story that Charles had always desired a girl and couldn’t hide his regret when he saw Harry for the first time.

“I knew Harry was going to be a boy because I saw him on the scan,” she said. “Charles had always desired a female companion. He desired two children, one of them would be a female. I knew Harry was a guy but never told him.”

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“The first comment was, ‘Oh my God, it’s a boy.'” ‘And he’s even got red hair,’ says the second comment.” Diana continued.

Furthermore, Charles supposedly expressed disappointment when Harry was baptised. According to the late Princess Charlotte, Charles told her mother, “We were so disappointed – we thought it would be a girl.”

“‘You should realise how lucky you are to have a normal child,’ Mummy snapped his head off.” “Every day since that day, the shutters have come down, and that’s what he does when he gets somebody answering back at him,” Diana recalled, adding that when Harry was born, their marriage “went down the drain.”

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It’s no secret that Harry was dissatisfied with Charles’ behaviour following his mother’s death. Harry stated that he believed he was his family’s “spare” member, as Spare’s label implies. He even claimed to be aware of his birth in case his older brother William required blood or organ donation.

“I was the shadow, the support, the plan B,” Harry explained. “I was summoned into the world in case something occurred to Willy, to provide assistance, distraction, diversion… This was made very plain to me from the beginning of my life’s journey.”

The term “spare” has come to represent Harry and his sentiments about his position in the Royal Family. He even claimed that Charles said it first.

In his book, Harry shared a story about a “joke” his father “allegedly” told Diana on the day he was born.

“‘Wonderful! “Now that you’ve given me an heir and a spare, my work is done,” he says. In Spare, Harry wrote about his father’s words.

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