Diana Ross’s daughter Tracee shares an emotional story that made her mother cry

The Legendary diva Diana Ross was already a star before she even became a teenager. Her voice is magic and has its way of penetrating the soul.

Music is said to be the food to the soul‚ and that even if your heart was so turbulent like the sea‚ music will always have a way to calm them and Diana sure knows how to cause different emotions with her voice.

Diana Ross is a Motown superstar who has been singing and acting for several decades and has been spreading love and hopes to her fans.


She’s a role model in the US and also the rest of the world; she’s just that woman that has motivated people and everyone is so proud of her.

Diana’s success journey hasn’t been so easy‚ but she preserved and that’s how she climbed the ladder of success. Today‚ she’s a multimillionaire‚ with several houses.

Diana Ross is one of the six children of Fred and Ernestine Ross. Her mother was a school teacher and her father was a former US Army Soldier. Diana was born on March 26‚ 1944 in Detroit.

At a young age, ‚ Diana developed an interest in design and pattern-making. She graduated from Cass Technical High School in 1962‚ and her interest shifted to music.


Diana worked at the second largest department store in New York‚ the Hudson Departmental Store. Diana’s music career started with a group called The Primettes. When she started in the group which her friend Mary recruited her to; she wanted Smokey Robinson to listen to her performance and he confirmed that she got some talent.

He listened to them and knew that was good and set them up an audition for them and they were competing with The Beatles.

The band was later signed to Gordy Jr’s Motown Records and they continued to make hits after hits and they went apart years after. She made her debut solo‚ and her album was topping the charts.

Diana Ross got married and had a daughter with Berry Gordy; however, they divorced and she remarried in 1986 to Arne Naess. Her children got into the show industry‚ but it seems like Tracee Ellis Roos seem to be the biggest star.

During her childhood days, she always wanted to be a singer‚ but she was afraid of pursuing her dreams because of the fear of falling short of her family’s name.

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It was a shocking moment for Diana when she heard her daughter sing for the first time and it was one of the most beautiful moments of her life.

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