Daily Quotes

Don’t ever forget your value

At times, we waste our time going after stones because we describe that as our class and can’t go after diamonds.

We downgrade ourselves so much, and others will likely use it against you. If you treat yourself as trash, others will recognize you as one, and what do people do to trashes? They trample on them and end up burning them.

Don’t let one person’s opinion or even people change how you view yourself. They might tell you that you are worthless, but all I can see is someone priceless and cute.

Don’t ever forget your value, you are priceless, and no one is like you on earth. You are the best version of yourself, and you ought to be happy no matter what shades people throw at you.

It would be best if you didn’t let people define you or be the other of your life. They have no right to your life and your happiness.

Keep smiling everyday and create happiness for yourself. I bet you don’t know how gorgeous you look when you smile.

Have high self-esteem and never wallow in what people might think of you. Even if you change to their prescribed taste, they will still complain, so why bother yourself when you can follow your heart and do what you deem reasonable.

Surround yourself with positive aurora and keep all bad energies far away. Live your life like a bird, so free of whatever the world says and its troubles. Believe you are loyal, and no one has the guts to tag you worthless.  

Don’t ever forget your value; you worth more than diamonds.     

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