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Don’t let people pull you into their storms

Don’t let people pull you into their storm. Pull them into your peace. Amen

Many of us know the connections we have with one another. With most of the people we live with, we work with or we communicate with them on social networking sites. Communication is such a beautiful thing through which we can share happiness, sorrow or grief with one another. This communication will give us empathy through which we will become able to relate to each other’s feelings. Through this communication and empathy when someone is sharing their difficulties and storms of their life instead of getting involved in this it’s better to give that person shelter of peace. This shelter doesn’t contain compromise but a shelter in which they will be introduced to a different and alternative view. This view will help them to have peace in their life. We should become an umbrella for someone to save them from the heavy rainstorms. If we will try to give other person happiness and peace in their life then as a result we will also become more peaceful and happy.

Don’t let what people say or
circumstances pull you
down. No matter what comes
your way, keep moving

I don’t have time for the people
who try to pull me down.
I’m too busy thanking the
people who lift me up.

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