During filming for ‘Little House on the Prairie’ Karen Grassle and Michael Landon were involved in a dispute

Little House on the Prairie was an iconic show which gave many of its cast fame. No matter how long it has been, there are still many people who can’t just watch the show.

After Little House on the Prairie was aired, we all got to know Karen Grassle who played the role of Caroline Ingalls; she played the role so well and became a highly regarded actress after.

During the interview moments of the cast, everyone had something nice to talk about the atmosphere and the filming, but only Karen had an entirely different view.

Since 1974 Little House on the Prairie has been in the air and the iconic show seems like it’s never going to leave the hall of fame in a jiffy. It was released in over 100 countries and as such gave a lot of its actors fame.

Michael Landon was one of the actors, who died in 1991, but he’s still remembered to date because of his role in the movie. 

Karen Grassle became famous because of the show too. The actress was born in 1942 and went on to pursue her career in the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

She never saw herself being in the series as she faced a lot of bumps after her agent secured a role for her on the show. She couldn’t get a flight to the audition venue and when she finally got there, everyone in the interview was tired as they were done interviewing all the cast.

Karen later got the role and she was somewhat scared of the turnout of events, but Michael Landon always tried to ease everyone off with his jokes.

When the filming started, Karen wanted to renegotiate the contract with Michael as she was one of the lead roles and deserved more payment, but Michael was having none of it. This caused a major breakdown in their relationship.

Karen never spoke about this to anyone and was still in touch with the actor before his death.

Everyone had nice things to say about Michael. His widow, Cindy said, he loves his family and is also very passionate about his job.

The cast sang praises in his name too. They all had a wonderful experience filming with him and he always made things easier for everyone.

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