Dylan’s miraculous journey: The boy who has proven his doctors wrong so many times

Dylan is a boy who has proven all medical records wrong ever since he was diagnosed with some sort of cancer.

It’s very heartbreaking for any child to go through cancer, so many of them pass away even after battling with an inspiring strength. Dylan is one of those kids whose cancer story is so inspiring, as he survived amidst all odds. 

Dylan’s Amazing Journey

Dylan was born nine years ago, and when he stepped out from his mom’s womb, everyone knew something wasn’t right with the little cutie. His back was covered with dark red color and the rest of his skin was filled with rare birthmarks.

He was taken into the NICU immediately after his birth and it was diagnosed that he was suffering from Congenital Melanocytic Nevus as over 80% of his body was covered with birthmarks.

His mother was shocked when she saw her son as no abnormality was detected during her antenatal days. All the ultrasounds and tests said she had a healthy baby.

When Kara, an air traffic controller from Atlanta, Georgia looked at her baby boy, he was different from anything she could have expected. Her baby’s back was entirely black and bleeding, his face, arms, and legs were all covered in moles.

The largest mole was from above his ears down to his bottom; it went all the way down around his shoulders, belly, and entire backside.

There were hundreds of satellites where the moles ranged from half the size of a dollar to the dot of a pen,” she told Kidspot in 2016.

Dylan’s Amazing Journey

Dylan underwent a PET scan and MRI when he was just five weeks old to check for melanoma. A rare condition that left him with melanin deposits in his head.

The spots in his brain caused him seizures when he was around 4 months old. The doctors told his parents, Nikki and Kara, that he might have to go through numerous surgeries during the first years of his life.

He is subtle to skin cancer and that’s why his condition is a delicate one. He had to undergo a skin transplant for the moles to be removed and only happened after 26 surgeries.

Dylan’s Amazing Journey

Despite all that Dylan has been through, he remains a happy and cheerful boy. A smile never departs from his face and all the nurses know and love him.

Dylan has undergone 33 surgeries so far and has a healthy lifestyle. We hope his operations go so well and hope he’s always on his feet.

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