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Embrace the storms in your life

Without sunshine, nothing grows, and without rain everything withers. Learn to embrace the storms in your life.

Challenges are part of life, and no matter how complete we feel our life is; it always comes up in points we never expected it.

Challenges make us stronger, and ready to conquer, because experience is the best teacher.

I can remember when I didn’t have scars on my face, or the points I had to swing my hair as I walk, and watch people as they admire how long it was.

I can remember days I didn’t need to be on a hoodie to hide my scars and pains, but now that’s the turn my life took.

I was a beautiful maiden with a contagious smile, but it was cut short after I was burnt alive. I bet no one knew I could survive; it was a miracle.

I was to represent my school in a beauty competition; I was the chosen one alongside other people that contested for that position. Before the day, three of the twelve girls I competed against invited me for lunch. I went without seeing the danger lurking around; they poured fuel on me and set me ablaze.

Luckily the school wasn’t so deserted, and I was saved. I lost the contest; as no one wanted to have a face full of scars and a bald head as a representative.

People called me ugly without knowing my story; I shut myself from the world and made my diary my best friend. I started writing to heal, and along the way, I discovered I was a great writer.

I have published my third book, and working towards publishing more in the nearest future. I embraced my scars and turned into something beautiful and worthwhile. 

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