Employee Reveals McDonald’s Drive-Thru Secrets

Recently, a McDonald’s employee reveals some dirty secret about the drive-through that can leave you wondering if you would ever go there again.

McDonald’s drive-thru has always been a lifesaver most times especially on those rainy or snowy days when we don’t want to get outside. Those groggy mornings we don’t possibly want to get out of the car.

McDonald’s worker revealed some secrets on his TikTok account that has left people fuming. 

“When you’re sitting at a drive-thru speaker, we can always hear everything – even if you think your interaction is over,” explained one McDonald’s employee.

This means the drive-thru employees can hear you all the time, even when they aren’t taking orders. Even if you are having a private discussion or something else, they hear all that, be careful what you reveal to strangers.

It might be hard to believe as most times even when you are yelling into the speaker Box, they always act like they can’t hear you from their end, seems like they have been acting all along.

“Most of them are parents telling kids to shut it before they give them something to cry about, threatening to make kids walk home if they don’t hurry up and pick things, or we don’t need any f–ing ice cream type conversations.” said another.

Image credit: @secretfitzz | TikTok

It’s better to keep all you have to say pending until you are out of the drive-thru. 

“Seeing the mugshots of random people makes my day,” she said

This one might seem to be the most creepy of all, but they always take a picture of you each time you arrive at the drive-thru. They said it’s to know who’s order it is. There are a lot of reactions about this and many have sworn they could never use the drive-thru again.

The McDonald’s drive-thru employees sure gave their struggles as they have to deal with rude customers sometimes, people who feel like you should always know what they want and the list goes on and on.

It’s not so easy to be a drive-thru employee and the pressure that comes with it is out of the world.

“It’s like people have no idea what they want, and expect us to automatically know,” said one employee. “It used to bother me but now I just fill in the blanks when the customers are too dumb/drunk to use their words,”

It takes experience to be able to work in a drive-thru. We better cut them some slack as it’s not easy to work in a drive-thru for just a little pay, if you feel like the drive-thru isn’t operating to your standard, the store is always available.

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