Eric Braeden of ‘Young and the Restless’ discloses his cancer diagnosis in a devastating video

On Friday, German actor Eric Braeden revealed in a video that he has cancer and is undergoing immunotherapy treatment.

The 82-year-old confessed in a Facebook Live session late last week that he was dealing with prostate troubles while recovering from knee replacement surgery.

A doctor then diagnosed him with cancer when high-grade cancer cells were discovered near his bladder.

“I hate to be so personal, but I think this might be good for some older guys who may or may not listen to this,” the actor explained.

Braeden, who won an Emmy for his role as Victor Newman in the long-running CBS soap opera The Young and the Restless, had prostate issues and was seeing doctors before undergoing the UroLift treatment.

However, after the cancer cells were discovered, he underwent surgery to remove them before beginning a six-week immunotherapy regimen.

The 82-year-old opened up to followers about his diagnosis, urging them to assist loved ones in similar situations.

“I’ve learned to listen to my body more and not push myself too hard,” Braeden added.

“So, if you’ve noticed me acting a little under the weather, that’s because I have, but I’ll lick this.” This jerk isn’t going to get me, but I’m going to get it. I’ll be back in top form soon.”

“So that’s where I am right now,” the actor added. “I enjoy acting. I am an entertainer. I appreciate your help. So, whenever someone in your family is going through this, be there for them. It might work out. Cancer treatment has advanced to the point that you can survive it.”

Braeden is looking forward to returning to his job on The Young and the Restless, which he has held since 1980.

“I’m still happy to be able to go to work,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

“It diverts my attention. I enjoy acting. I enjoy knowing that I am able to entertain others. And, yes, I appreciate your help. It means a lot to me.”

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