Every day, she heard her mother tell her, “You’re Ugly and You Have A Big Nose

Among numerous well-known films, like We’re the Millers and Horrible Bosses, Jennifer Aniston is most known for her outstanding performance in the television series Friends.

But growing up with her mother, Jennifer Aniston had a difficult existence. She was criticising her at every turn and inflicting stress on her, which manifested again in later life. Nancy Dow, Jennifer’s mother who is also an actress, battled to raise her child.

Jennifer was aware of her parents’ unhappy marriage, which resulted in their divorce. She moved home with her mother after the breakup, who was always criticising her for her physical “defects,” such as her nose being too large and her eyes being too far apart, as well as the few pounds she had acquired.

Jennifer’s mother constantly brought up the idea that she was “ugly,” which undermined her self-worth and confidence as a child. She couldn’t physically or intellectually resemble her mother, even if she lived with an incredibly gorgeous woman.

Jennifer relied on her mother’s erratic behaviour and didn’t have a close relationship with her father. Jen’s mother laughed in her face after she defied her reprimand one time, so “teaching” Jen to accept criticism without responding.

She also suffered from dyslexia, a learning disability that mostly affects spelling, writing, and reading. It gave her severe issues in school.

In the middle of it all, though, Jennifer came to the realisation that she wasn’t as bad as she had been made to feel, and she began to wonder whether her mother had been mistaken about her.

Jen’s confidence increased after landing her first job in Hollywood, particularly after receiving cosmetic surgery. Her mother, nevertheless, wasn’t pleased with her achievement.

Interviews with her mother, who continued to minimise her in public, damaged Jennifer Aniston’s happiness despite the comedy “Friends,” an enormous success in the United States. After making a self-promise to herself, Jennifer skipped her and Brad Pitt’s wedding and vowed never to speak to her mother again. She was silent to her mother for fifteen years.

Following years of treatment for all those difficult years growing up, Jen experienced a profound epiphany. She believes that her mother’s severe criticism and reprimands have strengthened her resilience to this day.

“My mother loved me and wanted the best for me, which is why she spoke to me in this manner. She was only unaware that the pain she was causing me would only stop after years of therapy, so she didn’t mean to be cruel. According to Jennifer Aniston, her upbringing is what made her who she is.

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