Everyone thinks “caveman” is silly for his choice of lifestyle – when they see his cave, they’re instantly won over

Most of us are fortunate to live a comfortable and luxurious life. And we’ve reached half of it. We have running water, electricity, advanced machines, and comfortable furniture. In previous times people were forced to live in the case and their lives weren’t comfortable enough.

For one man, Angelo Mastropietro, who lives in Worcestershire, UK, that’s not such a bad thing. Even though he left his comfortable living in Australia. He was a successful man over there but he felt the need of mixing up the things.

In 2007, Angelo was diagnosed with MS. He began to think about what he would actually do with his life. It was heavy rain when he saw the cave for the first time and passed by it.

The moment he entered the cave, he thought there was something magical. The cave is about 250 million years old.

Anglo left when the rain stopped but he knew he will return back. And the time came after the diagnosis of his MS. At first, the cave didn’t look like much, but with a lot of elbow grease – and a fair bit of money – Angelo was able to transform the outside.

He purchased the part of the cave. That left him £100,000 to spend on renovation costs, with the project taking him eight long months. The house after that has been published in many newspapers. The cave contains all the comfort a house must contain.

The house looks magically decorated. It contains the service of interest as well as the running water. And the kitchen is furnished with wonderful appliances containing wooden furniture.

The bedroom setting is outstanding and the lightning done is magical. House in the cave is really gonna be the fun for anyone. However some people can suffocate but for others, it’s nothing less than adventure.

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