Expert believes Harry and Meghan were in a “state of panic” during their ‘freedom flight’ from royal life

Almost every detail about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s time as a couple in the Royal Family has been revealed. The two fueled the flames of controversy during their now-famous interview with Oprah in 2021, and then proceeded through their Netflix series, various interviews, and, more recently, Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare.

In May, Harry travelled to the United Kingdom to attend his father’s coronation. Later, he was spotted when he appeared in court on claims of illegal information collection by various British tabloids.

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He and Meghan, on the other hand, appeared determined to keep a low profile at their home in the United States, where they recently celebrated the birthdays of their two children, Archie and Lilibet.

While Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series was a big hit, some royal fans may have missed crucial facts. One of those private moments occurred on the plane the day the couple flew from Canada to the United States, which they dubbed their “freedom flight.”

Harry and Meghan’s much-anticipated Netflix documentary series premiered in December of last year. Despite the fact that the couple had previously spoken out about their time in the Royal Family, the Netflix documentary revealed a slew of new bombshell claims.


Among other things, Harry explained how he and Meghan met, claiming that the former Suits star first caught his eye on Instagram when she appeared in a video of a mutual friend.

Harry dubbed the flight “the freedom flight,” which might be construed in a variety of ways. However, with the passage of time, it is clear that the term “freedom flight” refers to the fact that he and Meghan finally felt free to do what they wanted, rather than being constrained by their duties to the Royal Family.

Harry, Meghan, and her mother, Doria Ragland, took a private jet to the United States. It was featured in the final episode of the Netflix show, and for those who didn’t watch the entire six episodes, it was surely a moment that many people missed. Harry used his phone to record inside the plane, revealing his stepmother and the couple’s two pets.

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“We’re on the freedom flight, leaving Canada for Los Angeles,” Harry added, putting his finger to his mouth in a “shh” gesture.

“Here’s Grandma…” he said, pointing to Doria.

Harry then panned to Meghan, who was dressed casually and sat alongside Archie, a newborn at the time.

“Hello, Archie. “We’re about to go where my mother is from,” Meghan explained.


The beautiful private jet’s interior was brown. According to the Daily Mail, their plane was a 12-seater Cessna jet worth over $6.5 million. It’s unclear whether Harry and Meghan bought or hired the jet.

Those watching the footage of Harry and Meghan on the plane saw them as joyful as they could be. Others, though, have a different perspective.

According to body language expert Darren Stanton, Harry and Meghan appeared to be in a state of fear, as reported by the Express.

“Both Harry and Meghan appeared to be in a rush as they took off for California.” “They both lowered their voices as if they didn’t want to be heard, even though they were thousands of feet above the ground,” Stanton recalled in December, shortly after the Netflix documentary episode was aired.

“The couple was clearly in a panic to get out of Canada, where they felt exposed.” Meghan and Harry were fatigued and anxious, and Meghan’s mother expressed sympathy for the situation.”

“The fact that Harry called it a ‘freedom flight’ truly explains his mindset at the time,” the body language expert said. He saw it as a cat-and-mouse game with a time-sensitive operation.”

“Compared to the scene on the plane, he appears a lot more settled and relaxed in the rest of the documentary.” It was a tumultuous time for Harry and Meghan.”

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