Expert states in startling assertion that Meghan Markle leverages Kate Middleton’s circumstances for “marketing advantage

Kate Middleton has disclosed that she is receiving early cancer therapy. Since her abdominal surgery, there have been a lot of rumours and conjectures regarding her health, and her marriage to Prince William has even been called into question.

Furthermore, rumours concerning her connections to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been around for a while, and with the Princess of Wales’s current illness, they have gained a lot of attention once more.

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Kate Middleton received warm wishes from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after her operation. It is said that they felt the same way when they found out she had cancer.

Harry and Meghan persisted in their quest for success in the US, while Kate Middleton faced a great deal of backlash with the revelation that the Mother’s Day photo was staged. Regretfully, a royal specialist asserts that the Duchess exploited Kate’s difficult circumstances. The royal family, including Kate Middleton, has had some extremely difficult months lately.

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Midway through January, Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, received a skin cancer diagnosis. Shortly after, King Charles was also given a cancer diagnosis and is currently receiving chemotherapy. Concurrently, Kate Middleton had surgery on her abdomen, and since then, there has been constant speculation on her health.

Meghan Markle seemed to be enjoying life to the fullest in the midst of the “scandal” surrounding Kate and the Mother’s Day picture. Two days after Mother’s Day, on March 14, the Duchess of Sussex made a comeback on social media with the introduction of American Riviera Orchard, her new lifestyle business.

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The caption on the Instagram page says, “By Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Founded 2024,” along with a website link for the lifestyle brand. In the promotional film, Meghan Markle is seen collecting flowers and cooking in a kitchen, according to GB News. But not everyone is happy with Meghan’s decision to announce her lifestyle brand a few days after Kate made a mistake with her Mother’s Day portrait.

Royal analyst Kinsey Schofield charged Meghan Markle of using Kate’s circumstances, mostly from a “marketing perspective,” in an interview with GB News host Mark Dolan.

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Schofield went on to say that the Duchess of Sussex would “not be enjoying” the fallout from the Mother’s Day photo scandal. “The royal expert noted that even CNN, a channel that has a reputation for being critical of the monarchy, cited Meghan’s launch as suspicious and ill-timed, while noting that Catherine is about three times more popular than Meghan.”

“It’s obvious that she’s taken advantage of it, even though I’m not sure if she’s enjoying it.”

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Mark Dolan, host of GB News, continued by saying that Meghan is “entitled” to start a company “whenever she likes.” He concluded that, by arguing that the time was coincidental, Harry and Meghan “would challenge the idea” that the Duchess exploited Kate’s circumstances.

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