Experts assert that Camilla was responsible for Kate and William’s breakup in 2007 by declaring Kate to be “unworthy” of monarchy

For many years, Kate Middleton has been a member of the British Royal Family. In fact, it’s difficult to imagine that she and Prince William were married in 2011.

It is well known that their relationship had its ups and downs before getting married. After the couple split up in 2006, several not-so-nice things about William were mentioned in the publications that followed.

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Even though Kate apparently had her own critics in the Royal Family, she reportedly thought that he had damaged her reputation.

One of them was Camilla Parker-Bowles, who believed that William needed to make up his mind about marrying Kate before the aforementioned breakup. It’s interesting to note that she reportedly didn’t think highly of Kate Middleton, William’s fiancée, and felt that she wasn’t truly “royal” enough.


At the Scottish University of St. Andrews, where Kate Middleton first met Prince William, they developed a friendship. At first, the two developed a close friendship before falling in love.

They began dating, and in 2006 she made her debut as William’s girlfriend in a royal capacity.

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“She didn’t consider Kate to be someone deserving of being a member of the Royal Family. Kate is the first woman from the working class to join the Royal Family. Her mother was a flight attendant, and her ancestors were coal workers.

Because of all those factors, Andersson continued, Camilla never truly believed that Kate Middleton or the Middleton family as a whole would be deserving of membership in the Royal Family. I was informed at the time of the split and again later that Camilla had essentially whispered in Charles’s ear that it was time to compel William to make a decision.

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Since then, it has been verified officially that Charles did advise William to either make a promise to Kate or, in a sense, set her free. He may have had good intentions when he did that, but Camilla’s…not so much. She was the one who started this.

Kate and William both earned degrees in 2005. According to Katie Nicholl, a royal specialist and biographer, their early relationship issues had already started at that period.

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In an article for Vanity Fair, Nichol said that William later met with the Queen and his father, Charles, to discuss his relationship with Kate. According to the author, William had intended to spend New Year’s Eve with Kate and her family but changed his mind last-minute.

William was urged to think things through carefully and not make his decision about his and Kate’s future in a hurry by both Charles and Queen Elizabeth.

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As far as we are aware, not only did things work out well for Kate and William, but also for her and Camilla.

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