Experts believe Kate Middleton’s mother “clucked around like a mother hen” and was “very worried” about her daughter’s health

Throughout her life, Kate Middleton has been surrounded and supported by many people. Despite the princess being bullied as a child, her parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, have always supported her and never lost faith in her abilities.

Carole’s parents remain quite close to their daughter despite her becoming a royal, and she enjoys spending time and providing care for both Kate and William. However, unsurprisingly, they also spend a lot of time with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, their grandchildren.

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With their grandchildren, Carole and Michael try their best to plan enjoyable activities. The Middletons have pitched in to help while Kate heals from surgery and William has to take on additional duties at home.

It’s no secret that Kate’s family has been concerned about her health and how the surgery will impact her in the future. According to a royal specialist, Carole, her mother, took an unexpected action because she was worried about the procedure.

The life of Kate Middleton has been full with highs and lows. However, her family experienced a gold rush when she was a young girl.

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Even though Kate’s surgery was performed by the greatest surgeons available, family members’ concerns are understandable. Carole was reported to have been somewhat anxious for her daughter’s health, and that included her parents as well.

Carole Middleton was “clucking around like a mother hen” and “very worried,” according to former BBC Royal correspondent Jennie Bond.

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Carole talked to The Telegraph in 2018 on her birthday about her “biggest fear,” which is losing a family member.

“I’ve stayed close to my family, despite my biggest fear as her offspring grew up being that I would lose them.” “There are times when they say, ‘Can you do this, or that?’ and I can’t quite,” she continued. However, they appreciate that I work,” she remarked, according to Birmingham Live.

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Kate’s pals have been supporting her in the interim.

After such big surgery, “I’m sure these old friends would know exactly how to keep Kate’s spirits up,” Bond remarked.

“It is likely that they have lavished her with gifts of opulent spa goods and delectable hampers to tantalise her palate.

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They may have been giving her recommendations and urging her to rest and take the necessary time out since they know what she could enjoy reading or watching on TV.

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