Fans of Madonna are alarmed after noticing her lips in a recent photo

Madonna has been seen attending her young boyfriend’s boxing fights since her son turned 18 in September, and her demeanour at the event raised questions.

After a screenshot from the 65-year-old Queen of Pop’s Instagram live session went viral, fans noticed a noticeable shift in her appearance.


The mother of six, who is renowned for living a risky lifestyle and being the life of the party, appeared puffy around the cheekbones and chin, and her lips were noticeably thinner and less full than usual.

Her lips seem to be in pain, a commenter on Instagram commented. Others also voiced their intrigue, wanting to know how Madonna was doing physically.

“Look how adorable I am now that the post-surgery edoema has subsided. She jokingly captioned a picture of herself wearing tattered pants and a hat, “Lol.” Some have recommended the singer to “stop injecting” her face after seeing her most recent videos. “She’s got the wrong doctor giving her filler in the wrong places – all that money, and she can’t get it right,” a second person remarked.


The Celebration World Tour will resume in October after Madonna’s tragic hospital emergency forced her to postpone it in June. After a four-night stay at the O2 Arena in London, the tour will continue to ten cities, including Copenhagen, Barcelona, Paris, and Milan, for the remainder of its run.

The legendary musician has been itching to resume touring since she’s recovered, but her management stressed that she must first make a full recovery.


Although her health is getting better, she is still receiving medical attention. An complete recovery is anticipated. We will need to stop all commitments at this time, including the tour, her manager Guy Oseary tweeted at the time on Instagram.

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