Finally, we learn what Melania is talking to Barron about when they are alone

Barron Trump had a childhood unlike most people’s, it’s safe to say. After all, the 17-year-old grew raised in the White House, where his parents undoubtedly hold some of the highest positions of fame in the world.

In actuality, Barron became the first boy since JFK Jr. to reside in the White House. Of course, we’ll probably never know if he had access to the White House.

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Donald, Melania, and Barron have made Mar-a-Lago their new home since leaving the White House. But going forward, it appears that Donald’s youngest child will be leaving home.

Melania, Barron’s mother, has been in charge of parenting him and shielding him from media attention ever since he was a young child. It turns out that she began referring to Barron by a unique moniker fairly early on, one that the boy’s father would likely be proud of.

Soon after Barron Trump was born, his name became well-known all over the world. According to accounts, Donald Trump called the media to let them know Barron had been delivered safely after only 20 minutes.


I was quite proud, Donald continued. He is an extremely healthy newborn. Observing the birthing process as a whole is incredibly lovely.

He thought it wouldn’t be his last child at the moment.

“I don’t think so; I anticipate more. I think having children is wonderful, and I am blessed with wonderful kids. And I have faith that my son will develop similarly. He had the potential to be a successful businessman.


The NY Post claims that Barron is an old English name. The phrase implies “young warrior.” But it wasn’t the reason Donald and Melania chose the name.

“I’ve just always liked the name Barron,” he added.

Because I am scheduled to give a Learning Annex talk in California the following weekend, [his birth] actually came at the ideal time. If the kid had arrived then, plans would have had to be adjusted.


Melania said in her interview with Parenting that Barron grew up loving helicopters and aeroplanes.

She always made sure to make his lunches and breakfasts. Despite the fact that the family clearly leads a very affluent lifestyle, Melania didn’t want to hire a conventional nanny.

In a 2015 People interview, Melania stated: “Barron is 9 years old. I stay with him constantly because he needs someone to act as a parent there. As you are aware, my husband frequently travels.

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“We keep it down to a minimum,” Trump continued. “You don’t get to know your children if you have too much help,” the saying goes.

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