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For one tragic reason, an analyst claims in a new bombshell that Prince Harry is searching for a “permanent” residence in the UK

It might be presumed that the lives of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in the United States have not been nearly as secret as the ones they indicated to the public they wished to lead. Rather, the Sussexes have had a highly publicised life since leaving the Royal Family, in large measure because of their relationships with Netflix and Spotify.

Let’s just say that Harry’s memoir, Spare, did little to stifle curiosity. Harry and Meghan’s kids are about to start preschool and kindergarten, but the Sussexes are reportedly having issues.

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There have been rumours in the past that many A-listers didn’t want anything to do with them, even if they wanted to be a part of the Hollywood celebrity society. According to recent rumours, Harry’s buddies are reportedly unwilling to visit him.

The Duke hasn’t recently made many trips back to the UK. You may recall that King Charles forced Harry and Meghan out of Frogmore Cottage, and they haven’t had a “base” in the prince’s former nation of origin ever since.

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However, if rumours are to be believed, Harry may make a surprise comeback because, according to a royal expert, he is searching for a “permanent” residence in the UK. and for a single, depressing reason.

After moving to the US, Harry and Meghan had to start over, apart from anything connected to their past royal responsibilities. The three-member family had a big task ahead of them when they decided to leave the Royal Family, but they succeeded. Princess Lililbet, who turned three a few weeks ago, is the daughter of Harry and Meghan, who welcomed her.

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About Harry’s friendships in the US, hardly much is known. Sure, he occasionally plays polo with some friends, but other than that, it’s unclear exactly who he hangs out with when he’s not with his family. Tom Quinn claims that Harry really misses his buddies from college and the service.

Unfortunately, “they don’t get on with Meghan,” which is why they haven’t gone to see him in California. The Duke is reportedly currently searching for a “permanent” residence in the UK as a result.

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Harry grows to miss certain parts of his previous life in the UK. Ultimately, Harry is looking back through rose-colored glasses as his honeymoon phase in the United States draws to a conclusion and everything is fresh and exciting, Quinn asserted.

“He misses his army and Old Etonian friends, many of whom have not visited because they don’t get along with Meghan,” he continued. Harry is continuing his court case to get the British public to foot the bill for his protection in part because he is keen to find his own permanent home in the UK. Do you believe that Harry and Meghan will eventually go back to the UK? Please let us know what you think by sharing this story on Facebook.

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