For thirty-four years, Delta Burke’s spouse has supported her through illness and weight gain

These days, it’s not uncommon to witness people who once took their marriage vows for granted suddenly abide by them. Nonetheless, for more than thirty years, Gerald McRaney and Delta Burke have remained true to their commitments.

Discover the several hardships this couple has faced by continuing to read.

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Gerald McRaney knew he wanted to ask actress Delta Burke out the moment he laid eyes on her. But with so many guys vying for her attention, he was also acutely aware of his competition.

He remembers telling her, “I wasn’t going to let her get away,” when he first asked her out. I had competitors already. She was getting dates asked by other people, and I was planning to move in immediately.

McRaney knew she was the one for him right away because of their instant connection. He proposed to her on their second date. However, the couple didn’t make things official until 1989, when they got married on May 28.

McRaney was pleased that he had the girl of his dreams, even though it was not as quick as he would have preferred!

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This was McRaney’s third marriage, but Burke’s was his first! But he was going to make it work this time.

Despite the fact that the couple was deeply in love, some others didn’t think their marriage was a smart idea. In specific, a few of McRaney’s pals forewarned him against him. But each and every time, he disregarded all of those explanations. What he recalls saying was, “Why not? The only people who comprehend this madness are them. She also does. It won’t be a huge concern if I call her at two in the morning when I’m on site. She is aware.

They were both in the entertainment business, so they were aware of each other’s struggles. As a result, they could counsel and support one another with whatever problems they could run across.

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When they succeed, they are also the strongest advocates for one another. Burke was McRaney’s strongest supporter when he won a Primetime Emmy for his role in “This Is Us.” With tears in her eyes, she stood among the spectators, supporting her cherished spouse.

Throughout his career as an actor, McRaney has received a lot of criticism, but he takes Burke seriously. He knows she is being truthful when she tells him a performance needs improvement or is good.

Their marriage’s basis was put to the test in 1998. Burke’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer not long after she lost her grandmother. She also took a break from acting after a falling out with the creators of her show, “Designing Women.”

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While the actress was appearing on the show, fans began to notice that she was gaining weight. She had been experiencing hypoglycemia, which resulted in a rise in her weight.

She struggled with her weight all the time. Type 2 diabetes was eventually brought on by dieting and inadequate hypoglycemia management. She struggled to even receive a diagnosis, seeing several physicians. Burke remembers, “I travelled a lot. I was worn out. My entire body felt off. Burke remarked, “I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t figure out what.” I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr. I was certain it was not that. After doing the appropriate tests, one doctor diagnosed me with diabetes.

At the time, she neglected her own needs in favour of taking care of her mother. Her doctor advised her to change her diet while taking medicine for her disease, as failing to do so would require insulin therapy.


Her mother did, in the end, make a full recovery. Burke praised her spouse for being there for her, making sure she took her medicine, and taking good care of her. McRaney also battled lung cancer successfully in 2004.

She now takes insulin, and she gives McRaney credit for helping to take care of her by giving her injections. “He loved me when I grew to be as big as a house,” she remarked. He has supported and loved me at both my good and bad moments. I can assure you that my physique does not look beautiful, yet he still thinks it does!

Together, they maintain an active lifestyle and take good care of their health. Burke admits that her health is at last improving!


At this time, Delta Burke has no intentions to pursue acting again. Although her husband McRaney stated that he would like the chance to collaborate with her once again, he does not believe she will go back to acting.

The pair has purchased a house in central Florida and plans to move there shortly, even though McRaney does not want to retire. Despite not having a child together, they have dedicated their lives to raising McRaney’s three children from a previous marriage.

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