Former President Donald Trump has asked Russian leader Vladimir Putin to release’ damaging information on Hunter Biden’s alleged business deal

Former President Donald Trump in an interview with Just the News, says Putin ‘should release’ damaging information on Hunter Biden’s alleged business deal. Trump claims that Biden obtained a hefty payment from the former wife of the late former mayor of Moscow, Elena Baturina.

Trump said, in the interview which aired on Real America’s Voice network, that She gave him $3.5 million, so now I would think Putin would know the answer to that. I think he should release it. I think we should know that answer.”


Biden had “no interest” in that firm that received the money, so “the claim he was paid $3.5 million was false,” according to Hunter Biden’s legal team.

According to CNN News, Hunter Biden is facing a federal tax probe, with a grand jury convened in Delaware which involves several financial and business activities in foreign countries dating to when Biden’s father was vice president.

Hunter Biden and some of his associates are being investigated over allegations they violated money laundering, tax, and foreign lobbying laws, as well as firearm and other regulations

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The New York Post on Monday revealed that Hunter received a $142,000 plug-in hybrid sports car from a Kazakhstani banking oligarch in 2014.

Earlier, Trump praised Putin for the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia only to condemn it days later.

Trump told a conservative podcaster in February, “I went in yesterday and there was a television screen, and I said, ‘This is genius.’ Putin declares a big portion of Ukraine — Putin declares it as an independent. Oh, that’s wonderful.”

WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 12: World Food Program USA Board Chairman Hunter Biden (L) and U.S. Vice President Joe Biden attend the World Food Program USA’s Annual McGovern-Dole Leadership Award Ceremony at Organization of American States on April 12, 2016 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Teresa Kroeger/Getty Images for World Food Program USA)

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Joe Biden failed to deter Russia’s disgraceful invasion of Ukraine,” Trump said.

“All of those people are dead. Putin’s heinous attack on a proud and sovereign nation shocks the conscience of every person of goodwill.”

President Biden also said that Putin should be removed from power following the invasion.


Biden said, “I wasn’t then, nor am I now, articulating a policy change. I was expressing the moral outrage that I feel and I make no apologies for it.”

He called Putin a war animal and after meeting the refugees he called him a butcher.

In 2020, it was also revealed that former president Donald Trump pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to open an investigation into Mr. Biden and his son in exchange for critical military aid. this eventually led to his impeachment.

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