Four years old boy dies after crashing into a metal fence post while riding his motorbike for the first time 

Jacob Gamlin-Turner after seeing his elder brother play sports longed for a motorbike and wanted to at least take a ride with it. His father, Ross Turner wanted to fulfill his little boy’s wish and took him to the Britannia Sports Field in Blackwood to try his out for the first time.

Jacob was happy he was finally going to do what he always wished for and went on to wear a motocross suit and a helmet. While on the bike he applied the throttle in an uncontrolled manner which led him to crashing.

Jacob Gamlin-Turner (pictured) was riding the bike for the first time when he ‘appeared to hit a bump’ before slamming into fence, a coroner was told

He was soon rushed to the hospital where the doctors discovered that his spine was dislocated and he had ‘unsurvivable’ head injuries.

Jacob before the accident was surrounded by his father, Ross Turner, his father’s friend and grandfather. 

“Ross considered that this would be a safe location for Jacob to have his first ride on his new motorbike,” said Senior coroner Caroline Saunders.

Jacob tried out other motorbikes before going to his own and the three adults that went with him surrounded him in a triangle shape before he applied the throttle in an uncontrolled manner’ before throwing himself from the bike and hitting the fence.

His father Ross Turner took Jacob to the Britannia Sports Field (pictured) in Blackwood so he could try out his latest bike for the first tim

His father Ross Turner ran immediately to the place he crashed into and met his four-year-old son unresponsive. He was soon rushed to the University Hospital of Wales in Cardiff. 

He suffered ‘unsurvivable’ head injuries, internal bleeding, rib fractures and spine dislocation.

His family was by his side when his ventilator was stopped at 12.40 am on May 5 last year.

Whilst investigations were going on it was revealed that the motorbike was in good condition and suitable for his age too.

Dad Ross, of Blackwood, ran towards his son to desperately try to stop the collision before he found Jacob (pictured) unresponsive on the floor

“Jacob was a four-year-old little boy who from the day he was born had a love of sports and the outdoors,” said Coroner Ms Saunders. 

“His passion was his motorbike, and he had a flare for riding,” she added.

Ms Saunders said: “Jacob Gamlin-Turner died on May 5, 2021, at the University Hospital of Wales from fatal head injuries sustained the previous day when the children’s motorbike he was riding collided with a metal post.”

His death was recorded as an accidental death.

May his family have the strength to bear the fortitude of their loss. May he rest in peace.

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