From age 2, see the transformation in the doll that grew up

Due to the modelling industry’s obsession with her doll-like features, Aira rose to fame at the startlingly young age of just two.

Her parents offered her to a modelling agency because they wanted the world to see her stunning beauty. Her ability to portray a well-known doll was natural.

People were shocked and puzzled when her photos began to circulate online. Some even suggested that her unique appearance may have been created by photo editing.

Thoughts of uncertainty quickly vanished as reality confirmed that Aira’s doll-like attractiveness was real.

But such quick triumph had a cost.

Aira’s childhood was quickly consumed by modelling agencies and picture shoots, leaving little time for a typical upbringing. She didn’t have the same options as other kids her age to go to school, hang out with friends, or grow up.

Her parents made moves that brought her into the public eye because they were drawn by the allure of celebrity.

Aira’s physical shift as she aged was inevitable, taking some of the lustre out of her formerly distinctive doll-like appearance.

She stopped being sought after by modelling agencies for photo shoots and fashion shows as her once-explosive stardom gradually faded.

Since turning adolescent, Aira’s life has changed significantly. She now frequently posts personal updates to her web profile.

She appears to have deleted that part of her life from the internet on purpose, raising the intriguing possibility that she may not have warm recollections of her “doll” days.

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