Grandma, 76, received harsh criticism in comments after posting a sleeveless outfit on social media

Though often we forget that opinions are better left to ourselves, everyone has them.

Not all of the comments on a photo that the 76-year-old style influencer posted of herself wearing a sleeveless midi dress were complimentary.

Candace Cima told TODAY, “It’s not the first time this has happened, but this one surprised me.” “Age-appropriate fashion is still perceived by many in such an antiquated way, and this has to change.”

Cima, who is a grandma to eleven grandkids, flaunted a jumper and a brown knit sleeveless dress.

“This dress does not benefit you from the side or back. Shape fitting beneath the waist is not recommended. Cheers to everything else about your body! “, a Facebook user said.

Another person said, “I don’t like the dress, but I like the jumper.”

Not in the least flattering. would never go without a piece. Too old to be flaunting so much skin,” another person ventured to comment.

“Having wrinkles at the age of 76 is totally normal, and I don’t feel bad about it,” Cima declared. “There are moments when I want to reply, ‘Should I cover my face too, since I have wrinkles?'”

2019 saw Cima launch her fashion blog in response to a need she saw for older women in the industry.

“I saw a chance to discuss how to dress appropriately as you age. Women have been socialised to believe that they must conceal since that is what their grandmothers and mothers did.

“We must change the way we view ageing. In the current world, we don’t have to follow these antiquated notions.

Cima ignored the innumerable insults, choosing instead to give guidance to some of her more recent and impressionable admirers.

“Getting older is wonderful. It’s all there for you now, everything you’ve ever learned. Right now, you are the wisest you will ever be. Be proud of it and embrace it.

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