Grandma Pays For Granddaughter’s Wedding, but is Uninvited at Last Moment

The story of the day that will leave you speechless—Old Lady Pays for Granddaughter’s Wedding With All. She loses her savings, but is Uninvited at the Last Moment

This old lady told her story on AmoMama. The grandmother has always envisioned a day when she will see her granddaughter walking down the aisle as they were always together when she was a child.

She started saving up for the wedding very early and after donating all she had, her name was removed from the list of invitees at the last moment. What she felt was far from being heartbroken as she least expected it.

Agnes is a loving wife and a caring grandmother who has always doted on her granddaughter. Clara spent all her summers with her grandmother, and Agnes cared so much for her while she was growing up.

Agnes’s husband passed away when she turned 75, and her health started deteriorating soon after, and she had to move to her son’s house. At first, everyone was all caring and loving, but things changed after she was diagnosed with dementia.

Her son’s wife didn’t want her to continue staying with them and wanted her to be moved to a nursing home. Linda was complaining about the cost of taking care of Agnes, but her son insisted on her staying with them.

Agnes overheard the whole argument and was saddened that her daughter-in-law felt she was a burden, but she continued to stay for the sake of her granddaughter.

She didn’t have more time left and wanted to spend her last moments around Clara. Her joy knew no bounds when she found out Clara would soon be walking down the aisle, and it seems like the day she always dreamed of is finally coming.

Agnes, who had been saving up for the wedding, was so excited. All the money Edward left her, and other money she left untouched for the supposed wedding summoned up to $25,000. 

“$25,000! That’s a lot of money, mom! I can’t take this from you,” her son Timothy said. “I know you adore Clara, and you want to help us, but trust me, mom, it’s not needed.”

At first Timothy didn’t want to collect the money, and Linda accepted it wholeheartedly. But after a series of talks, Timothy finally accepted the money and thanked her so much.

A few months before the wedding, Clara announced that she didn’t want her grandmother in her wedding, and her parents didn’t agree with her.

“Just because she paid doesn’t mean that we invite her. Don’t you remember what the doctors said? Her dementia is worsening. If that old hag shows up at the wedding, I swear I’ll cancel everything! I’m not letting her ruin my special day!” Clara exclaimed, loud enough for Agnes to hear.

“We don’t have time to care for her, and I don’t want to ruin my only daughter’s wedding because of her health problems,” Linda exclaimed.

Anne’s health deteriorated faster after hearing what the family had to say about her. 

Agnes burst in at that moment and told them she had heard enough and wanted some peace and she would be moving to the nursing home.

On the wedding day, Agnes came to the venue and was hiding so not to be seen by her granddaughter who has turned to a hateful woman. She wanted to see her walk down the aisle, and upon arriving she heard yelling coming from the bridal suite. Clara and her fiance were arguing.

“I’m not going to be with someone who doesn’t respect her grandparents, Clara. I can’t believe you didn’t invite your grandmother because you were embarrassed about her illness.” He explained.

He wanted to cancel the wedding and Agnes stepped in at that moment.

“I just wanted to see you, honey. I tried everything to persuade myself not to come, but I really wanted to see you in your wedding gown.” Agnes explained.

Clara was shocked to see her, but that was Karma for her as her fiance didn’t want to continue with the wedding.

“Are you content now? You completely ruined our wedding. Isn’t that what you wanted?” She yelled at her grandmother.

She threw her out of the bridal suite, and Agnes sat in a corner watching everyone move out of the venue.

An idea struck her immediately, and she called the nursing home and invited all the elderly folks to the party. At least, that was her money, and she wasn’t going to let everything go to waste. Linda and Clara were angry at her for inviting and parting with her folks, but Agnes cared the list as she was now around people who loved and cared for her.

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