Grandmother proposes law to make drunk drivers pay child support if parent is killed

A law is being proposed by a Missouri grandmother who’s grandson, his fiance and their 4 months old were killed by a drunk driver.

And now the grandmother is taking care of her grandson 2 children which are left behind him. And she thinks the law must be passed for drunk drivers so that they might think twice before getting behind the wheel.


In April 2021 Lacey Newton, Cordell Williams and their 4 months old got killed by a drunk driver in Jefferson County. The killed couple had been together for 7 years and they left behind two children.

One aged 5 years and the other one was 3. The children currently are being raised by their grandmother Cecilia Williams. Cecilia is currently trying her best to push a law in the community which will be based on “if the drunk drivers killed anyone.

Their children would be raised by the drivers and he will take up all the expanses of the child until he turns 18.” She said “They deserve to get that compensation because you’re talking about raising children that their parents are no longer here,” Missouri stated “I do firmly believe that these people who are driving drunk and take away the parents of these children, there’s got to be some help for these children.

It comes down to that,” he said. In my opponent a drunk driver should be punish extremely and harshly so that no one else can dare to drink and drive.

Life is a precious gift and we can’t let it to be end because of the irresponsibility of a drunk man. A law must be passed to punish them physically and economically.

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