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Happy Memorial Day

Memories play a significant role in our lives. It reminds us of our root, our aim, and set goals in life. At times it can be a driving force towards success.

We often celebrate the country without remembering those who made the country.

We often celebrate the citizens without honoring those who procured the safety of the citizens.    

If I am asked who a true hero was, my answer will always be pointing to one keyword, selflessness.

Heroes will always sacrifice themselves at the expense of the masses. I have seen heroes fight with people they will never have the edge over. They still want to do something, no matter the consequences it might throw on them. They can never sit and do nothing.

Heroes are people who will fight the course of the citizens without expecting much in return. They fight for even individuals they don’t know; all they care for is the welfare of the country.

These heroes are often not celebrated, everyone feels like it is their job, and everyone has one, so why the fuss?  

One might have wondered about the hero I am talking about, whether it is someone we know, or I am talking about Marvel DC heroes. The heroes have lived with us and fought for us. Some are our brothers, fathers, and husbands. They are all those who died in the country’s freedom. The freedom they never lived to experience, still, they fought for it.

These heroes fought for the generations to come; they had in mind people they never saw or were going to meet; this is the highest level of selflessness.

On this day, they should be appreciated, respected, and honored for all they have done.     

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