He currently serves as a GUCCI model. 42-year-old MACAULAY CULKIN has put on weight and attracted admirers with his new appearance

Artem and Daria piqued internet people’ interest by sharing photos of their child. Dasha, unlike her father, is a fully developed and healthy girl.

Artem, who was admired for his wit and his job as a loving parent, had our main character realise that she had never given his appearance any thought.

After their child was born, Dasha had to deal with misunderstanding from her supporters who concluded that the child must be the product of a different relationship because they thought the child should inherit the father’s beautiful looks.

Online, Daria made it clear that her spouse is the child’s biological father.

Artem and Daria continue to update their Instagram followers on their lives despite the public abuse. It’s important to note that Artem works from home and is very busy.

He works as a programmer to help support his wife and their small children. All we can do at this moment is wish this adorable pair patience and happiness.

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