He just has a large brain,” Paris Hilton responds angrily to disparaging remarks made about her son’s head online

Being well-known and famous can be a lot of fun—imagine limitless wealth, extravagant red carpet parties, and mixing with society’s elite—but being in the spotlight also means facing criticism and scrutiny.

Paris Hilton has direct experience with this from her time in the spotlight.

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But recently, rude internet trolls criticised her baby son’s appearance, which turned the situation ugly.

The reality TV star turned businesswoman recently had to defend her 9-month-old son Phoenix Barron after disparaging remarks about his head size appeared on her social media.

Paris, who has a reputation for having unflinching confidence, didn’t think twice about standing up for herself and defending her firstborn child.

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With the help of a surrogate, Paris and her husband Carter Reum welcomed Phoenix into their family earlier this year. Phoenix is their first child together; Carter has a daughter named Evie from a previous relationship. They have been lovingly and devotedly navigating the pleasures and difficulties of motherhood as new parents.

The young family recently travelled to New York, where Paris shared a picture of herself cuddling her son on social media.

Regarding Phoenix’s head size, several individuals said some rather nasty things in the comments area. hurtful remarks like “I heard this baby was created in a lab” and “Man got a lot of thoughts up there.” And she didn’t carry it” surfaced, and more people added their own unfavourable comments.

Paris Hilton and her younger sister Nicky Hilton pictured in 2003. Credit / Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Paris succinctly expressed her annoyance at the unjustified criticism by stating, “There are some sick people in this world.” My angel is doing great. Indeed, he has visited a doctor; he simply has a big brain.

“[My parents] are just so obsessed with him,” she continued. My sister Nicky Hilton and I are always available for advice over the phone, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have a large support system in my close-knit family.

This latest event serves as a reminder that hate and criticism from the internet can still affect celebrities. When it comes to hate and criticism, children should always be off-limits, but Paris’s courage to confront the harsh trolls demonstrates her steadfast love for her son.

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