Here are several reasons why you ought to always put a coin in the freezer before leaving the house

Have you ever returned from work or a vacation to find that the time on your digital clock is off?

You might think, “There was no power outage, of course.” You just cannot determine how long there was no electricity, even if there was.

Perhaps it persisted for a few days, causing food to defrost and deteriorate. Foods refreeze when the electricity is restored, and you hardly even notice that they were defrosted.

This can be quite hazardous, as some foods have a high potential for dispersing harmful bacteria like salmonella.

Today, we’ll show you a method for determining whether and how long your freezer was without electricity.

By allowing the food to defrost for an excessive amount of time, you can determine whether it has gone bad.

Three easy things are required for this:
one cup of water
A bowl filled with water should be put in the freezer to frost. When all that’s left in the cup is ice, top it off with a coin and put it back in the freezer.

Before consuming any food from the freezer when you go home from the holidays, check to see where the penny is!

If the coin is still at the top, everything is fine; but, if it has sunk to the bottom of the cup or bowl, it indicates that there was a prolonged power outage during which the water entirely dissolved. It is best to avoid eating food that has been frozen.

Amazing trick that is simple to use. particularly helpful on long journeys!

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