Here’s all you need to know about Nicole Bass

Nicole Bass was born in Middle Village in Queens, New York.

As a teenager, Nicole Bass weighed 165 pounds and only started working on shedding some weight after she entered the gym and saw some cute guys. She never stopped going and soon found that body building was her calling.

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She soon became a household name and dubbed herself the “biggest, heaviest, tallest and strongest.” 

“I don’t need to take steroids or any kind of artificial crap. Just give me my sushi and occasional ice cream and I’m happy,” Nicole said when asked about her physique.

Nicole went on to start a professional wrestle career in 1998. It wasn’t long before she started making waves as she soon defeated Kyoko Inoue, a well-respected wrestling champion. She also served as a bodyguard for ECW standout Justin Credible during matches.


Nicole Bass had another huge thing coming as she was soon discovered by Vince McMahon, creator and owner of the WWE; who went on to bring her into wrestling in 1999.

She made her big debut in WWE during WrestleMania 15 in Philadelphia. Many thought she was going to spend a lot of time in WWE, but it seemed like life had other plans for her.

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Her contract with WWE was terminated which didn’t sit well with her and she went on to file a a lawsuit against the WWE. She claimed that her contract was wrongly termintated and wanted $120 Million as a compensation.

The company denied all charges so the case was dismissed. 

McDevitt, WWE Attorney said in 2002, “Nicole Bass’ case was a bunch of filmsy garbage, just a shakedown. She wanted money from a company that she thought would roll over and pay it. She was wrong.”

Nicole had something else to say about what went on.

“I stood up for women. I stood up to a huge corporation. I stuck to my guns. It was very much an ordeal for me, to have to go through this process,” she told PW Torch.

Besides appearing on the Howard Stern Show, Nicole worked as an actress and appeared in Private Parts, the autobiographical story of Howard Stern where she acted as herself.

In 1985, Nicole got married to Richard “Bob” Fuchs. The duo remained together, until Nicole’s death in 2013 at the age of 64.

Nicole had health issues she battled and on February 17, 2017, Nicole was taken off life support. She was found unconscious in her apartment and was rushed to the hospital where the doctors declared her brain dead.

She was a woman who never gave up on her dreams. Rest In Peace, Nicole Bass.

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