Here’s all you need to know about Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz was born in Calgary, Canada, on December 22, 1970. His family moved to Houston, Texas not long after he was born.

As a young child, Ted was also seen as an uninteresting and unpopular nerd.

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Cruz wrote in his 2015 autobiography, A Time for Truth, “Midway through junior high school, I decided that I’d had enough of being the unpopular nerd. I remember sitting up one night asking a friend why I wasn’t one of the popular kids. I ended up staying up most of that night thinking about it. ‘Okay, well, what is it that the popular kids do? I will consciously emulate that.’”

He desperately wanted to change his personality and went on to change his glasses to contact lenses.

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His passion for sports grew and he also became involved in the drama club, the public speaking team, and school newspapers. He became popular more. Everyone saw his excellent leadership skills when he was elected as the class president twice.

Elsa Jean Looser, Ted’s former Englis Teacher told the Guardian, “We all knew he had political ambitions simply because of the direction he was taking.


He wanted to do well in all his classes, which he did, he wanted to go to fine schools, he wanted to build a good resumé. He was a tremendous debater. His whole life was just being directed that way. There was no question he was aspiring to be a lawyer and then move into the political arena. He gets bad press, which is so sad because he’s just doing what he said he would do.”

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Ted soon got his law degree from Harvard University and went into politics in 1999. He soon became part of George W. Bush’s presidential campaign team working as a domestic policy advisor.

While working on the campaign he got to meet his future wife, Heidi as they were working on the same campaign. A year after crossing each other’s paths they got married.

Heidi recalled their first meeting, “It was love at first sight. I found Ted very compelling. He is a warm person, he’s friendly, he is smart, and an incredibly sharp mind, very articulate, but he’s also a guy that likes to have fun.”

During their first date, it was quite obvious that Ted was in love as he asked about everything, including her 10-year-plan and 20-year-plan.

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The couple is still married to date. We wish them all the best.

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