Here’s why Kate Middleton isn’t permitted to take pictures with royal admirers

Being a member of the British Royal Family entails several duties.

Members must do a variety of tasks and travel frequently for both domestic and international events. As a royal, you should always anticipate being treated with deference and consideration, as you would expect from any other person.

There are undoubtedly severe restrictions and regulations that Kate Middleton, Prince William, and the other senior members of the Royal Family must adhere to.


They follow regulations about what they may and cannot consume as a security measure, in addition to how they should behave when attending particular events or meetings.

After getting married to Prince William in 2011, Kate Middleton joined the Royal Family. The couple first met at the University of St. Andrews and have been together ever since. They were close friends at first, and then they started dating. Naturally, as in almost all relationships, there have been issues in theirs as well.

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This is due to two factors, both of which are related to appearance: first, eating spicy food might cause intense perspiration; and second, you could not enjoy eating local unique dishes. Who would want a photo of Kate attempting to force down food she genuinely dislikes?

There are many requirements for Kate, William, Harry, Meghan, Anne, and the other royals. However, a new rule has been implemented in recent years as technology and phones have practically become an extension of our body.


Kate and the other Royal Family members are prohibited from taking selfies with fans while they are performing official duties. Even Meghan previously affirmed this, telling her fans: “We’re not permitted to do selfies.”

Why then are royals unable to take selfies?

Greg Agnew, a royal enthusiast, claims that when he went to Queen Elizabeth’s Buckingham Palace garden party in 2017, he was informed that taking selfies with the royals would be considered rude.


They frequently mentioned the rule on taking selfies because they didn’t want people to turn their backs on the queen and the royal family. And that was crucial to them, according to Agnew,” Insider said.

You don’t seek to approach the royal family and you don’t turn your back on them.

Victoria Arbiter, a royal analyst for CNN, previously stated that members of the Royal Family do not enjoy taking selfies at all.

She stated that royals “always prefer a personal encounter over individuals asking for selfies.” “If you give one, it quickly gets out of hand.

She continued, “From a security perspective, they’re also not ideal as they necessitate a certain intimacy.


In addition to being prohibited from taking selfies, Kate is also prohibited from making direct physical contact with fans. The Princess of Wales has, however, violated that rule numerous times.

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