Los Angeles’ Gascon calls reports on hit-and-run ‘misinformation’ as victim blasts ‘murderer-friendly’ DA

The 17-year-old wrong-way driver who killed a mother and her child will spend five to seven months in a juvenile probation camp.

Last summer, Democratic Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon doubled back on the short sentence given to a minor hit-and-run motorist who ran down a mother and her newborn while walking down a Venice side street – and the victim is calling him out.

Surveillance video recorded the entire Aug. 6, 2021 hit-and-run incident in Venice, California. (Los Angeles)

“After evaluating the evidence, our office prosecuted the juvenile with the most serious violations allowed by law: two counts of felony assault and one count of felony leaving the scene of an injury accident without exchanging information,” the besieged district attorney said Monday.

After striking Rachel and her 8-month-old, the wrong-way driver collided with a pickup truck. (Los Angeles County)

In a withering reply, the victim, who has asked to be identified only by her first name Rachel, said the allegations “fell extremely short of fair.”

On Monday, Democratic Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon said that “misinformation” is circulating about a youngster who admitted to mowing down a mother and her newborn. (AFP photo/Robyn Beck | Los Angeles County)

“You didn’t prosecute attempted murder because the driving pattern proves it, and you didn’t charge assault with a deadly weapon with a car because it would be a strike on the minor’s record,” she said in a message to the besieged DA on Monday.

“Minors are not eligible for charges that result in a strike offense under your policies.” This is how you ensure that when they turn 18, their records can be wiped clean. That must be the magical number at which people begin to behave as decent human beings and contribute to society. “It doesn’t seem to matter what comes before that.”

Critics who have prosecuted hit-and-run cases have suggested that more serious charges may be brought.

“Gascon’s testimony is false for multiple reasons,” said Neama Rahmani, a former federal prosecutor who now works as a plaintiff’s lawyer and has tried hit-and-run cases in both criminal and civil courts.

“The defendant was charged with assault inflicting grave bodily injury, which isn’t a’strike’ under California’s three strikes legislation, when he could have been charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, which is a strike,” he said Monday on Fox News Digital. “Under California law, a vehicle can be used as a lethal weapon.”

He said that the suspect might have been charged with a variety of other felonies, including driving under the influence and car theft.

The driver, now 17, was sentenced to five to seven months in a juvenile probation camp, which is “less than a military school and a little rougher than a summer camp,” according to authorities. The sentence was termed by Gascon’s office as “an suitable settlement” on Friday.

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