Honouring Matthew Perry’s cherishing wishes in his tribute

He made something good come out of his personal struggles. Something to give to others. Before all else, he was a man who made an effort to be good—something that many of us try to do. I’m hoping he’s finally at peace.

My life has been filled with many highs and lows. The best thing about me is that if an alcoholic or drug addict approaches me and asks for help, even though I’m still going through it personally, I’ll always answer with, “Yes, I’m capable of doing that.”

Even though I can’t always do it for myself, I will do it for you. That’s what I do whenever I can. either in pairs or in groups.

Additionally, I founded the sober living facility for men called Perry House in Malibu. I also composed a play called The End of Longing, which is an exaggerated version of my drunken message to the world. I wanted to express something significant.

I’m sure that after I pass away, conversations will centre around friends. And I’m thrilled about that because it means I’ve performed well as an actor and given people plenty of opportunities to make fun of my online hardships.
However, I would like Friends to be put far behind my attempts to serve others when it comes to my so-called successes.
While I know it won’t happen, it would still be pleasant.

  • Matt Langford Perry, who lived from August 19, 1969, until October 28, 2023

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