Horoscope for Happiness by Celebrity CoachKeith Urban Explains How Nicole Kidman Pulled Him Out of the Pit of Substance Abuse

We are aware that the Hollywood scene is frequently linked to drug and alcohol use. Unfortunately, for some people, this way of living can easily get out of control and have tragic results if the proper assistance isn’t received.

Keith Urban struggled with cocaine and alcohol addiction. He recognises that Nicole Kidman, his wife, was important in assisting him in taking back control of his life—not just once, but multiple times.

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With an alcoholic father, 54-year-old Keith Urban had a difficult childhood. It was in this setting that he was more likely to experience alcoholism. He told the Sunday Times, looking back on his history, “It took me a long time to believe I was wired the same because I grew up in an alcoholic household because my dad was an alcoholic.”

The well-known country music artist first checked himself into rehab in 1998 in an attempt to get help. But the fight with alcohol persisted, and in 2006, less than ten years later, he returned to treatment. “Everyone does what they want to do to have a great time,” Urban said rather honestly. I just found out I have an allergy to it. Do you have an allergy? someone asked.

Even though Kidman and Urban had only been dating for a year and were still in the beginning phases of their union, Kidman helped Urban on his road to recovery. “I was incredibly fortunate to have Nic stage an intervention for me,” Urban said in an expression of gratitude.

He continued by admitting that his actions might have put the young marriage in danger of failing. Kidman was away filming a picture while Urban was having trouble.
She hurried back, rounded up their buddies, and set up

an intervention. “In many ways, it was the most powerful act of love to step into the fire and pull me out, because she believed in me,” says Urban, expressing his tremendous appreciation for this act of kindness. … she had such a strong sense of something in me that she sacrificed everything to believe in me, save me from the flames, and give me the opportunity to act morally and emerge into the light.

He checked himself into the Betty Ford Centre in California in October of 2006. He declared with pride that he had effectively finished his recuperation by January 2007. He wrote the ballad “Thank You” as a way to thank Kidman.

In 2018, after reflecting on his experience, Urban said he wishes he had become sober sooner but accepted that “it is what it is.” He thought he was living a very limited existence and that he wasn’t reaching his full potential. It is quite admirable how devoted they have remained to one another despite all the difficulties. They never stop believing in each other.

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