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2 Useful Tips to break a negative thought chain

There are certain times in our lives when something minor might disturb the normal routine and its impact on our mind can be major. For instance, somebody could say something that we might take in the wrong way. Or things just don’t work the way we want them to. In such scenarios, we start questioning our life, career, health or even relationships.

Sometimes, when we’ve lost all hope and can’t find light in our lives, the first thing that occupies our senses is negative thoughts. These negative thoughts can prevent our mind from functioning normally. How?

They frustrate us to a level where we just want to quit everything in our life including our job, relationship or whatever else we are holding on to. We feel that everything just works the opposite way and we are useless.

Well, this is known as a negative thought loop. But this is not the end. Everything has a solution. These kinds of situations can also be handled with the best approach.

Filling the void

Whenever we get separated from something or someone precious in our lives, a little void is formed inside us. This void is the source of discomfort. For example, you have a relationship but that person leaves you one day. Now all the energy and time that you dedicated to that relationship becomes free. You do have to utilize it somewhere, right?

In such scenarios, we start looking for other things that might get our mind off of what happened. We might start doing extra shifts at work and keep ourselves busy with extra-curricular activities but let’s accept the reality – there are certain things in life that we cannot replace.

Everything has its place

The only thing we need to understand before filling this void inside us is that everything has its place. You just can’t fill a void caused by a relationship by extra work or exercise. You just need to accept certain realities that are never going to change i.e. you can’t replace your spouse with your friends or you can’t replace an exercise by taking two jobs at a time.

You just need to give the correct amount of time and energy to all the components of your life to make things work out between you and your life. To get your life back on track, you need to take a step and that is letting go.

Let go of the things that are playing with your mind. Look at the positive aspects of life and if you can’t find one, just look at life’s nature. Determine its purpose. All you have to do is let go because you can’t replace someone that has gone from your life with something else. The only solution to the problem is to forget them and move on. Else, you’ll always be stuck in that negative cycle loop which won’t let you do anything with your life to make it comfortable again. Yes, it sure isn’t easy but nothing is impossible, right?

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4 thoughts on “2 Useful Tips to break a negative thought chain

  • Michael Richer Sr.

    Very informative. Thank you.

    • I use my high energy to maintain positively positive attitude. I run, I work out….I make goals everyday and challenge myself to conquer each one. It sounds so easy according to me. It’s Hard!! Takes time, but if you really do exactly what your challenges are. I started doing a challenge outside myself. That’s when I finally got SO fed up! I did like Nike, Just Do the Challenge. You don’t have to worry about mistakes, without them we wouldn’t know how to do it right! And always give during your day….It reaps beautiful positive energy….that gives love to you!

  • Moving on is very hard ,but it feels negative.Keeping it positive is hard
    Really a struggle on our brains. Move on in a positive way and don’t anyone leave you with a negative thought . Or treat your thoughts of moving on in a negative way.

  • What about when you have lost a loved one. My brotherdied in 1978 and he drowned saving his friend, also my family what’s left which I’m the last one left besides my cousin, and my children could care less about me. I am stuck and don’t know what to do I’m 63.


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